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Latest Drug War News: Archive 2010

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Petition to Pardon or Commute the 10-year Mandatory Sentence of Medical Marijuana Provider Bryan Epis. (.doc)

The Sensible Washington Campaign

Support I-1068, the ballot initiative to repeal criminal penalties for adult marijuana use and cultivation in our state.

For more info, visit

New Local Scenes: "Blame the Dads? Or the Drug War?" December 2009, New Haven, CT

On The Radio:

Washington Marijuana Legalization Initiative Aims for November Ballot; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 4/2/10
The Colville Mountain Peace Sign; from Statesman-Examiner (WA), 3/31/10
Medical Marijuana Shootings in Washington State; from Cannabis Defense Coalition (WA), 3/16/10 -- More WA State News & Activism

Editorial: Cocaine, Crack And Questions About Fairness; from Dallas News (TX), 3/24/10
Same Crap, Different County: Another Small Texas Town Overpunishes Another Piddly Drug Offender; from Houston Press (TX), 3/14/10
Senate Judiciary Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to Reduce Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 3/12/10 -- More on Crack/Powder Cocaine

FBI Still Investigating Prison Death In Pekin; from Pekin Daily Times (IL), 3/4/10
Charges Dropped In 185 Drug Cases In Camden; from Courier-Post (NJ), 3/20/10
Idaho: Inmate Abuse Lawsuit Prompts Prison Warden Switch; from Associated Press (US), 3/17/10
Maryland: 4.5 SWAT Raids Per Day; from Reason Magazine (US), 3/1/10
Americans For SWAT Reform, a project of DRCNet. Sign the Petition for Responsible Use of SWAT -- Watch the Video: SWAT Raids: No One Is Safe. May 2009 -- More Abuse News

Study: Drug-Crime Crackdown May Do More Harm Than Good: B.C. Researchers; from The Province (BC CAN), 3/23/10
Right-Sizing Prisons: Business Leaders Make the Case for Corrections Reform; from Pew Center on the States, Jan 2010 (pdf)
Smart Justice: Findings and Recommendations for Florida Criminal Justice Reform; from Collins Center for Public Policy, Feb 2010 -- More Studies and Reports

Use Of Drug Snitches Stretches The Law's Intent; from Voices of Central PA (PA), 5/4/09
Retired Drug Informant Says He Was Burned; from NPR (US), 2/13/10 (part 3 of 3)
Critics Blast Informant System Cloaked In Secrecy; from NPR (US), 2/12/10 (part 2 of 3)
The Case Of A Confidential Informant Gone Wrong;from NPR (US), 2/11/10 (part 1 0f 3)
Snitch Blog: A Comprehensive Resource On Criminal Informants, hosted by Layola Law Professor Alexandra Natapoff
Tools For Lawyers: Resources For Tackling Informants In Court; from The ACLU Informant Project -- More Snitch News

In Times Square, A Billboard To Help Ex-Prisoners; from New York Times (NY), 12/15/09
Recession Raises The Bar On Inmate Work Release; from MSNBC (US), 10/27/09
Study Could Ease Concerns Over Hiring Ex-Offenders; from USA Today (US), 6/24/099 -- More ReEntry News

Did US Law Spur Mexico's Meth Sales? from Christian Science Monitor (US), 11/22/09
Wabash Valley Woman Didn't Realize Second Cold Medicine Purchase Violated Drug Laws; from Tribune-Star (IN), 9/3/09
New Meth Formula Avoids Anti-Drug Laws; from ABC News (US), 8/24/09 -- More Meth News

7th Circuit Chief Judge Calls for Loosening of Sentencing Guidelines; from National Law Review (US), 9/14/09
Two Judges Target Cocaine Penalties; from Washington Post (DC), 6/29/09
OpEd: Retired Judge Says It Is Time To End War On Marijuana; from Bellingham Herald (WA), 3/21/09
Judge Quest To Decriminalize Minor Drug Use Gets Support
; from Houston Chronicle (TX), 1/15/09 -- More Dissenting Opinions

Attorney General Holderís Remarks From "Rethinking Federal Sentencing Policy 25th Anniversary of the Sentencing Reform Act" Symposium; from USDOJ (US), 6/24/09
2nd Circuit Clarifies Consecutive Mandatory Minimum Sentencing; from (US), 3/11/09
US Supreme Court: Guidelines Are Really, Truly Advisory; from Sentencing Law and Policy, 1/29/09 - More Sentencing News

CNN's IReports: Prison And Your Family. Share your stories of Drug War Injustice here! from CNN, May 2009

Visit The Thousand Kites Project Today! -- Video: About The Thousand Kites Project; from YouTube, 9/26/07

Latest Drug War News: Posted April 2010

The Drug War: A War On Women And Their Families; from AlterNet (US), 4/5/10

U.S.-Mexico 'War On Drugs' A Failure; from (US), 4/2/10

High Times In L.A.; from California Lawyer (CA), 4/1/10

Afraid Of Being Uprooted; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 4/8/10

Orange Is the New Black: A Year in a Women's Prison - a Powerful Memoir by Piper Kerman; from TruthOut (US), 4/1/10

Photo Essay: The Drug War in Mexico; from Boston Globe (MA), 3/25/10 (Warning: Graphic Content)

Afghanistan's New Bumper Drug Crop: Cannabis; from TIME Magazine (US), 4/1/10

Column: The Business Of Illegal Drugs; from Daily Tar Heel (U of NC, Edu), 3/29/10

Some Question US Training Of Mexican Forces; from El Paso Times (TX), 3/28/10

Book Review: The Land of Lock and Key; from New York Times (NY), 3/28/10

Can Anyone Pacify The World's Number One Narco-State? from TruthOut (US), 3/30/10

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