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Twenty years ago, the United States began using harsh drug sentencing in an attempt to curb illegal drug use. Beginning with New York's Rockefeller drug laws, the impact filled prisons as fast as the state and federal governments could build them. Today, communities have difficulty assimilating enormous numbers of people that prison didn't fix. Drug offenders, banned from housing, jobs, children -- even food assistance in some states, struggle to re-enter society. There's more to the meth crisis than most might know. Learn what you can do to ensure drug laws make fiscal and common sense. They often don't.

Creating Moral Panic
Reports, Research and Rejection
Methamphetamine Crisis: Hype or Fact? Factsheet from Common Sense for Drug Policy (PDF Format)
Frontline: The Meth Epidemic (Review); from Miami Herald (FL), 2/15/06
Is this News, or a Get Tough Movement we can't afford? by Nora Callahan
This is Your Country on Meth; from
What Meth Epidemic? National Survey Shows Amphetamine Use Unchanged from Drug War Chronicle
Study Claiming Methamphetamine is Overrunning Hospital Emergency Rooms Fails to Withstand Scrutiny; from Drug War Chronicle

Meth in the News, but often unnoticed - updated regularly!
January 6, 2006 - East Valley Tribune (AZ), Public Corruption - Will Mordida Put Bite On Arizona?

Community Perspectives on Meth
January 11, 2006 - Whidbey News-Times (WA) - Government Harasses Us Again
July 12, 2005 - Orlando Sentinel (FL) - Drug Profits

What you probably don't know about meth and the people that use it:
Eyes of Compassion View Meth Problem, by David Singh for Practitioner Perspectives, U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance bulletin dated May 2001.
"Meth" - New Epidemic, Old Drug by Chuck Armsbury, published as a special community perspective to Spokane, WA's Spokesman-Review, on March 24, 2002
Volcanic Ash: How to Save a Mackey Feary, By David Shapiro, The Honolulu Advertiser

Does over-policing make a community safer, stronger? December 2005 - Lecture (Quicktime & transcript) by Nora Callahan with transcript - Criminal Actors, the Informant System and the Drug War
December 12, 2004 - The Fresno Bee (CA) - Hidden Role In Drug World -Informants Used In Most Narcotics Busts
Snitching: The Institutional And Communal Consequences (PDF download) By Alexandra Natapoff, Associate Professor of Law, Loyola
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: download a 4 minute film online

What you might not know about determinate sentencing, mandatory minimum and sentencing guidelines:
Understanding US Sentencing Laws: a Layperson Speaks, by Nora Callahan
Informal, Hidden Procedures Define Injustice, by Nora Callahan
What Judges Have to Say!

Prisoners of the War on Meth - are your tax dollars working to make people safe?
Susan Spry Danny Hill Jackie Quarterman Preston Mays George Farley Jeff Nespor Diana Webb Lisa Hanna Sandra Patterson Charles Gibson, Michael Cummings Curtis Slade Kevin Evink Beverly Barnett Beth Cronan Connie Popejoy Kevin Sovie

Outside Links, what other groups are doing to create effective meth laws:
Treatment Works!
Knox Co. Jail Volunteers Deal with Meth Aftermath

New Mexico Coalition Releases - Recommendations
Eyes of Compassion View the Meth Problem
Treatment Facts

The Meth "Epidemic"

Original w/commentary at:

In The News

Did US Law Spur Mexico's Meth Sales? from Christian Science Monitor (US), 11/22/09

Wabash Valley Woman Didn't Realize Second Cold Medicine Purchase Violated Drug Laws; from Tribune-Star (IN), 9/3/09

New Meth Formula Avoids Anti-Drug Laws; from ABC News (US), 8/24/09

Methland vs. Mythland; from New York Times Blog (NY), 7/20/09

Meth Survey Says Risks Seem Not To Deter Teens; from Associated Press (US), 1/28/09

Editorial: Crystal Deception; from Free Libertarian Blog (US), 5/3/08

OpEd: Arizona's War On Meth: What About All The Other Drugs? from East Valley Tribune (AZ), 4/18/08

New Report Evaluates U.S. Methamphetamine Policies, Recommends Comprehensive and Integrated "Four Pillars" Response; from Drug Policy Alliance (US), 3/18/08

Is Meth Murder Charge Useful? from The Oklahoman (OK), 12/21/07

The Shackles Of Shabu (Meth); from Al Jazeera (ASIA), 11/19/07

Review and Critique: Methamphetamine Mice Study Falls Far Short; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 9/7/07

Column: Responding To The Meth Epidemic: More Treatment, Less Hype; from North County Times (CA), 8/12/07

Mexican Suppliers Filling Void Left By U.S. Meth Labs; from Associated Press (US), 7/22/07

Meth-Pregnancy Bill Draws National Criticism; from Casper Star-Tribune (WY), 2/10/07

New Law Cuts Into Number Of Meth Labs; from Madison Courier (IN), 2/2/07

Drug Policy Reform Group to Partner with State of New Mexico in Federally-Funded Meth Prevention Education Program; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 1/26/07

Editorial: Happy Meth Awareness Day; from Drug Policy Alliance (US), 11/30/06

Meth: The Overstated Addiction; from AlterNet (US Web), 11/30/06

Column: The War On Meth: Noble Motives, Bad Policy; from Ruidoso News (NM), 8/18/06

Why The Montana Meth Project Isn't All It's Cranked Up To Be; from Missoula Independent (MT), 8/3/06

Meth Metamorphosis; from Contra Costa Times (CA), 7/13/06

Column: The Meth Epidemic That Isn't; from Ottawa Citizen (CAN: ON), 7/7/06

Rural Meth Addicts Have Trouble Getting Treatment; from Arkansas News Bureau (AR), 6/29/06

OpEd: Meth Epidemic Just Media Hype; from Arizona Republic (AZ), 6/25/06

Two Witnesses Refuse To Testify In Meth-Sting Lawsuit; from Ledger-Enquirer (GA), 6/22/06

Debunking the Debunking: The Meth Problem Is Real; from Yahoo News (US Web), 6/15/06

Report: The Next Big Thing? Methamphetamine in the United States - New Report Disproves Myth of Methamphetamine "Epidemic; from The Sentencing Project, June 2006 (PDF Format)

OpEd: The Crystal Meth Myth; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 6/11/06

Meth: Number in Treatment Skyrockets in Last Decade, But Much of Increase Linked to Criminal Justice System; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 6/9/06

Meth Vs. Crack: Different Legislative Approaches, from CQ Weekly (US), 6/5/06

Mexican Traffickers Fill The Meth Void; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 5/21/06

Violence Rises Due To Drug Controls; from Sydney Morning Herald (AUS), 5/17/06

Data Shows No Need For Special Meth Treatment; from Casper Star-Tribune (WY), 5/16/06

Meth Madness; from Phoenix New Times (AZ), 4/27/06

Mother's Murder Retrial Starts; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 4/13/06

Meth Sting Targeted South Asians, Civil Liberties Group Says; from Associated Press (US), 4/6/06

I Wouldn't Change My Healthy Lifestyle If Drugs Were Legal; from (US Web), 3/31/06

Meth Madness; from Willamette Week (OR), 3/22/06

Wrong Man, Wrong War; from National Review (US), 3/13/06

The Numbers Guy: A Bad Meth Stat Lingers On; from Wall Street Journal Online (US Web), 3/1/06

Methamphetamine: SAMHSA Release Misleads on Treatment Numbers, Press Bites; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 3/10/06

Methamphetamine Propaganda; from (US Web), 3/3/06

Meth Bill To Help Valley? from Modesto Bee (CA), 3/3/06

Store Clerk Meth Sting Challenged as Misguided, Racist; from The NewStandard (US), 2/24/06

Frontline: The Meth Epidemic (Review); from Miami Herald (FL), 2/15/06

Senate's Drug Bill Tweaks Die In House; from Anchorage Daily News (AK), 2/2/06

Study Claiming Methamphetamine is Overrunning Hospital Emergency Rooms Fails to Withstand Scrutiny; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 1/27/06

DOC Outlines Plan for Meth Treatment; from Quincy Herald-Whig (IL), 1/24/06

Meth Bill Proposes Sweeping Reforms; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 1/17/06 -- More WA State Activism

Community Protests Meth Prosecution Of Indian Store Owners; from Ledger-Enquirer (GA) & Drug War Chronicle (US), 1/13/06

Potent Mexican Meth Floods In As States Curb Domestic Variety; from New York Times (NY), 1/23/06

Editorial: Government Harasses Us Again; from Whidbey News-Times (WA), 1/11/06

Lawsuit Accuses Drug Firms Of Role In Meth-Related Killing; from The Oregonian (OR), 12/28/05

MethTreatment; from Phoenix New Times (AZ), 12/18/05

Bad Medicine; from Phoenix New Times (AZ), 12/18/05

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