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Crack and Retroactivity



Editorial: Cocaine, Crack And Questions About Fairness; from Dallas News (TX), 3/24/10

Same Crap, Different County: Another Small Texas Town Overpunishes Another Piddly Drug Offender; from Houston Press (TX), 3/14/10

Senate Judiciary Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to Reduce Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 3/12/10

New Crack Cocaine Bill Leaves Thousands Behind Bars; from New America Media (US), 10/21/09

Bill Targets Sentencing Rules For Crack And Powder Cocaine; from Washington Post (DC), 10/16/09

Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity Bill Passes Key House Subcommittee, Heads for Floor Vote; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 7/31/09

Closing the Gap: Obama Could Fix Cocaine Sentencing; from Newsweek (US), 7/20/09

Two Judges Target Cocaine Penalties; from Washington Post (DC), 6/29/09

Column: The Dumb And Mean War On Drugs; from San Francisco Chronicle (US), 5/8/09

Justice Department Urges Equalizing Drug Sentences; from Washington Post (DC), 4/29/09


CrackThe Disparity!

Preliminary Crack Cocaine Retroactivity Data Report; from US Sentencing Commission, 9/17/08 (pdf)

Crack Cocaine Guideline Amendments Explained; from US Office of Defender Services (DC), 2008

Sample Motions, Briefs And Orders Relating To Retroactive Application Of Crack Cocaine Guideline Amendment; from US Office of Defender Services (DC), 2008. (You can print and send these documents to your imprisoned loved ones.)

Retroactive "Crack" Amendment Blog -- "A new law makes 19,500 inmates eligible for a sentence reduction. Your loved one may be one of them." An informative forum by TX attorney Chad P. Van Cleave, who specializes in federal drug cases.

"Reader-Friendly" Version of Amendments on Crack Cocaine and Retroactivity, Effective May 1, 2008; from United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) (pdf)

Supplement to the 2007 [Sentencing] Guidelines Manual, including Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reductions & Retroactivity; from United States Sentencing Commission (USSC), March 3, 2008 (pdf)

Families Against Mandatory Minimums provides a 3 page, pdf document that will be updated as legal details are made available. If you or someone you know that is imprisoned has questions on crack sentencing and retroactivity, they are likely covered in this FAQ.

Download these full color posters from The Sentencing Project (.pdf)

Obama Seeks To Change Crack Sentences; from Associated Press (US), 4/29/09

Now That He's Released, Garrison's First Priority is Reform; from Crack The Disparity (US), 4/4/09

New Look At Sentencing Guidelines For Cocaine; from San Francisco Chronicle (CA), 3/8/09

The Crack Baby Myth: Now They Tell Us; from (US), 1/30/09

Crack Babies: The Epidemic That Wasn't; from New York Times (NY), 1/27/09

New Sentencing Guidelines For Crack, New Challenges; from Washington Post (DC). 1/1/09

Prison Terms In Cocaine Cases Reduced For Some Because Of Disparities; from Sun-Sentinel (FL), 9/21/08

VA Leads In Crack Sentence Reductions; from Daily Press (VA), 8/16/08

Coming Home After A Reduced Sentence; from Washington Post (DC), 5/8/08

Report: Sentences Reduced For 3,000 Cocaine Inmates; from New York Times (NY), 4/25/08

Judges Deny Some Crack Convicts Legal Help on Sentences; from McClatchy Newspapers (US), 4/20/08

As Many Crack Convicts Are Freed Early, Will Crime Rise? from Christian Science Monitor (US), 4/9/08

"Crack Heads Gone Wild" Video Raises Troubling Ethical Questions; from Drug War Chronicle Blog (US), 4/3/08

Freedom Eludes Many Crack Inmates; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 4/3/08

New Guidelines Reduce Crack Dealer's Sentence; from Capital Times (WI), 3/26/08

Column: Now Is The Time To Liberate Blacks From Prisons; from Louisiana Weekly (LA), 3/10/08

Mukasey Puts Latest Crack In Truth On Drugs; from Chicago Tribune (IL), 3/7/08

Government Starts Cutting Sentences Of Crack Inmates; from Washington Post (DC), 3/5/08

Column: Drug Laws' Absence Of Justice; from San Francisco Chronicle (CA), 3/6/08

Clinton's Crack Cocaine Apology: Too Little Too Late? from Huffington Post (US), 3/4/08

Crack Sentencing Gets a Hearing on Capitol Hill While Advocates Mobilize; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 2/29/08

Mukasey Wants Police Support To Prevent Prisoner Releases; from CNN (US), 2/26/08

Crack Offenders Set For Release Mostly Nonviolent, Study Says; from Washington Post (DC), 2/22/08

U.N. Committee to Review Racial Injustice in U.S.; from Sentencing Project (US), 2/21/08

U.S. Shift May Free Up To 30 Inmates; from Boston Globe (MA), 2/21/08 -- More on Crack/Powder Cocaine

Sentence Corrections Possible In Crack Cocaine Cases; from Kansas City Star (MO), 2/19/08

Finding 11-Day Sentence Not Too Little But Too Late; from New York Times (US), 2/13/08

AG's Effort To Revise [Crack] Sentencing Rule Foiled; from USA Today (US), 2/13/08

Crack-Sentencing Reductions Decried; from Washington Post (DC), 2/7/08

US Attorney General Raises Specter of Violent Crime Jump If Crack Prisoners Released; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 2/1/08

Science Exposes Fallacies Behind Crack Laws; from News & Observer (NC), 12/25/07

Column: Whittling Away, But Leaving A Gap; from New York Times (NY), 12/17/07

US Supreme Court Rulings Give Judges More Discretion In Sentencing; from World Socialist Web Site (US), 12/15/07

Column: The Harm of 'Get Tough' Policies; from Newsweek (US), 12/14/07

United States Sentencing Commission Approves Crack Reform For Federal Prisoners; from The Sentencing Project (US), 12/11/07

Sentencing Commission Votes In Favor Of Crack Cocaine Retroactivity; from FAMM (US), 12/11/07

Justices Widen Sentencing Powers of Federal Judges; from New York Times (NY), 12/10/07

Supreme Court: Judges Can Reduce Crack, Other Sentences; from Associated Press (US), 12/10/07

Drug Laws Called Unfair To Minorities; from Connecticut Post (CT), 12/2/07

New Crack Sentencing Guidelines Called 'Almost Inconsequential'; from Citizens' Voice (PA), 11/25/07

Being Fair To Crack Dealers; from Time Magazine (US), 11/19/07

Panel May Cut Thousands Of Prison Terms; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 11/12/07

New, Less Severe Federal Crack Cocaine Sentencing Guidelines Go Into Effect, But Will They Be Retroactive? from Drug War Chronicle (US), 11/2/07

Sentencing Commission Reduces Penalties for Crack Cocaine Offense; from Sentencing Project (US), 11/1/07

End Crack and Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparities; from The Sentencing Project

Crack/Powder Disparity: A Tipping Point in Congress; from Drug Policy Alliance

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