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Major Studies and Research Reports

You will leave our website as you follow these links to major studies and research reports. You may want to bookmark this page.

2010 - Study: Drug-Crime Crackdown May Do More Harm Than Good: B.C. Researchers; from The Province (BC CAN), 3/23/10

2010 - Right-Sizing Prisons: Business Leaders Make the Case for Corrections Reform; from Pew Center on the States, Jan 2010 (pdf)

2010 - Smart Justice: Findings and Recommendations for Florida Criminal Justice Reform; from Collins Center for Public Policy, Feb 2010

2010 - Report: Can Drug Policy Prevent Reefer Madness? from TruthOut (US), 2/7/10

2010 - U.S. Report: Rape, Sexual Abuse in Juvenile Corrections Facilities; from Just Detention International (US), 1/7/10

2010 - Michigan Breaks The Political Logjam: A New Model For Reducing Prison Populations; from American Civil Liberties Union, 12/18/09

2009 - Report: Trail Of Afghanistan's Drug Money Exposed; from Asia Times (Asia), 12/16/09

2009 - PA: Report Recommends Changes To The State's Sentencing Guidelines; from Delaware County Daily Times (PA), 12/7/09

2009 - After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation; from Transform Drug Policy Foundation (UK), Nov 2009

2009 - AMA Report Recognizes Medical Benefits of Marijuana, Urges Further Research; from Americans for Safe Access (US). 11/10/09

2009 - Veterans Incarcerated and Ignored When They Could Be Getting Help, Report Finds; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 11/6/09

2009 - Dutch Among Lowest Cannabis Users In Europe; from Reuters (US), 11/5/09

2009 - America's Problem-Solving Courts; Criminal Cost of Treatment; from National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (US) (pdf)

2009 - Review of the Department of Justice's Effort to Prevent Staff Sexual Abuse of Federal Inmates; from USDOJ, Sep 2009, September 2009 (pdf)

2009 - Aligning Criminal Justice and HIV Prevention: From Conflict to Synergy; from Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, Feb 2009 (pdf)

2009 - Afghanistan's Narco War: Breaking the Link between Drug Traffickers and Insurgents: from US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, August 2009

2009 - National Report: 1 in 11 Prisoners Serving Life Sentences; from The Sentencing Project, 7/22/09

2009 - World Drug Report 2009; from United Nations Office of Drug Control (UN), 6/24/09 (pdf)

2009 - Panel Sets Guidelines For Fighting Prison Rape; from Washington Post (DC), 6/23/09

2009 - The Failure of the War on Drugs: Charting a New Course for the Commonwealth; from Massachusetts Bar Association (MA), June 2009

2009 - A History Of Drug Prohibition And A Prediction For Its Abolition And Replacement; from Transform Drug Policy Foundation (UK), June 2009

2009 - The WHO Cocaine Report The US Didn't Want You To See; from Transform Drug Policy Foundation (UK), 6/10/09

2009 - Preventing Overdose, Saving Lives; from Drug Policy Alliance, June 2009 (pdf)

2009 - Special Report: Maxed Out On Prison Spending (Including Interactive Incarceration Map); from Detroit News (MI), April 2009

2009 - Pruning Prisons: How Cutting Corrections Can Save Money and Protect Public Safety; from Justice Policy Institute, 5/19/09

2009 - The Costs of Confinement: Why Good Juvenile Justice Policies Make Good Fiscal Sense; from Justice Policy Institute, 5/19/09

2009 - Minor Crimes, Massive Waste: The Terrible Toll of America's Broken Misdemeanor Court; from National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), Apr 2009

2009 - Drug Courts: A Review of the Evidence; from The Sentencing Project, 4/2/09

2009 - Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies; from CATO Institute (US), 4/2/09

2009 - Bearing Witness: Baltimore City's Residents Give Voice to What's Needed to Fix the Criminal Justice System; from Justice Policy Institute, 4/1/09

2009 - Jailed Without Justice: Immigrant Detention In The US; from Amnesty International, 3/25/09

2009 - Internal Exile: Collateral Consequences of Federal Convictions; from American Bar Association (US), 1/30/09

2009 - Report: Drug Czar's Office Is Out Of Control; from Open Salon (US), 3/10/09

2009 - Ten Wasted Years: UN Drug Strategy A Failure, Reveals Damning Report; from The Guardian (UK), 3/11/09

2009 - UN Drug Summit: Undo a Decade of Neglect; from Human Rights Watch (US), 3/9/09

2009 - The Consequences and Costs of Marijuana Prohibition (in WA State); from ACLU of Washington, 3/5/09 (pdf)

2009 - Healthcare in New York Prisons; from The Correctional Association of New York, Mar 2009 (pdf)

2009 - Decades of Disparity: Drug Arrests and Race in the United States; from Human Rights Watch (US), Mar 2009

2009 - 1 In 31: The Long Reach Of American Corrections; from Pew Center on the States, Mar 2009

2009 - Incarcerated Parents and Their Children: Trends, 1991-2007; from The Sentencing Project, 2/9/09

2009 - The State of Sentencing 2008: Developments in Policy and Practice; from The Sentencing Project, Feb 2009

2009 - Strapped States Eye Prison Savings; from (US), Jan 2009

2009 - Transcripts: The Rockefeller Drug Laws - 35 Years Later; from Drug Policy Alliance (US), Jan 2009

2009 - The Health and Health Care of US Prisoners: A Nationwide Survey; from Physicians for a National Health Program, American Journal of Public Health, Jan 2009

2008 - Report Review: New Federal Drug Threat Assessment Finds Prohibition Greatest Drug-Related Menace; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 12/19/08

2008 - Prisoners In 2007: 1 in 31 American Adults Now in Prison, Jail or on Parole; from Bureau of Justice Statistics (US), Dec 2008

2008 - Special Issue: Barred from Life: The Criminal "Justice" System; from Catholic Worker, Fall 2008

2008 - We Can Do It Again! 75th Anniversary of Alcohol Prohibition's End Inspires Modern Effort; from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Dec 2008

2008 - The Budgetary Implications of Drug Prohibition, by Jeffrey A. Miron, Department of Economics, Harvard University, Dec 2008 (pdf) -- More Studies and Reports

2008 - Special Report / Series: Drugs Uncovered; from The Observer/Guardian (UK), Nov 2008

2008 - Criminal Justice Recommendations For New Administration And Congress; from The Criminal Justice Transition Coalition, 11/6/08

2008 - Plan Colombia - Drug Reduction Goals Were Not Fully Met; from US Government Accounting Office, Oct 2008 (pdf)

2008 - Transcript: Bureau of Prisons' Director Harley Lappin's Summer 2008 Testimony to the House Appropriations Committee, with statistics and a litany of problems facing the BOP you won't find anywhere else. To publicly comment on this transcript visit: State of the BOP from Nora's Blog

2008 - Anti-Drug Ads Haven't Worked; from ABC News (US), 10/15/08

2008 - Moving Target: A Decade of Resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex; from Justice Policy Institute (US), 9/25/08

2008 - Report & Poll: Correcting Course: Lessons from the 1970 Repeal of Mandatory Minimums; from FAMM (US), 9/24/08

2008 - Documents: 2008 USSC Symposium On Alternatives To Incarceration; from FedCURE (US), Aug 2008 -- More Studies and Reports

2008 - Serious Crime Down, Drug Arrests Hold Steady, But Marijuana Arrests Increase To 872,000; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 9/19/08

2008 - Preliminary Crack Cocaine Retroactivity Data Report; from US Sentencing Commission, 9/17/08 (pdf)

2008 - The Big Question: Is The 'War On Drugs' Really Making The Problem Worse? from The Independent (UK), 7/31/08

2008 - United States Sentencing Commission Symposium On Alternatives To Incarceration; from Federal Public Defenders (OR), June 2008 (pdf)

2008 - US Leads World In Substance Abuse, WHO Finds; from Reuters (US), 7/1/08

2008 - Sexual Victimization in Local Jails Reported by Inmates, 2007; from Bureau of Justice Statistics, 6/25/08

2008 - Prison Inmates at Midyear 2007 and Jail Inmates at Midyear 2007; from Bureau of Justice Statistics, 6/8/08

2008 - Disparity By Geography: The War on Drugs in America's Cities; from The Sentencing Project, May 2008

2008 - Wasting Money, Wasting Lives: Calculating the Hidden Costs of Incarceration in New Jersey; from Drug Policy Alliance, 5/28/08

2008 - Reports Find Racial Gap In Drug Arrests; from New York Times (NY), 5/6/08

2008 - Study: The NYPD 'Weeds' Out Blacks And Latinos; from Village Voice (NY), 4/29/08

2008 - Report: Sentences Reduced For 3,000 Cocaine Inmates; from New York Times (NY), 4/25/08

2008 - Report: Jailing Communities: The Impact of Jail Expansion and Effective Public Safety Strategies; from Justice Policy Institute (US), 4/1/08

2008 - UNODC Director Declares International Drug Control System Is Not 'Fit For Purpose'; from Transform (UK), 3/27/08

2008 - A Four-Pillars Approach to Methamphetamine: Policies for Effective Drug Prevention, Treatment, Policing and Harm Reduction (pdf); from Drug Policy Alliance (US), 3/18/08

2008 - Recalibrating the Regime: The Need for a Human Rights-Based Approach to International Drug Policy; from Human Rights Watch & The Beckley Foundation, March 2008 (pdf)

2008 - Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2007; from United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board

2008 - 1 In 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says; from New York Times (NY), 2/28/08

2008 - The State Of Sentencing 2007: Developments in Policy and Practice; from The Sentencing Project, Jan 2008 (pdf)

2008 - Racial Impact Statements as a Means of Reducing Unwarranted Sentencing Disparities; from Ohio State Journal Of Criminal Law, via The Sentencing Project (US), 1/15/08 (pdf)

2008 - The Death Penalty for Drug Offences: A Violation of International Human Rights Law, from International Harm Reduction Association, Jan 2008 (pdf)

2007 - Racial Disparities in Criminal Court Processing in the United States; from The Sentencing Project, Dec 2007 (pdf)

2007 - Report: Trying Kids As Adults 'Is Counterproductive' from Arizona Capitol Times (AZ), 12/7/07

2007 - Unlocking America: Why and How to Reduce America's Prison Population; from JFA Associates (US), Nov 2007 (pdf)

2007 - Reports: One In Every 31 U.S. Adults Was In A Prison Or Jail Or On Probation Or Parole At The End Of Last Year; from US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 12/5/07

2007 - The Vortex: The Concentrated Racial Impact of Drug Imprisonment and the Characteristics of Punitive Counties; from Justice Policy Institute, 12/4/07

2007 - Report: U.S. Prison System A Costly And Harmful Failure; from Reuters (US), 11/19/07

2007 - Jailing Juveniles: The Dangers of Incarcerating Youth in Adult Jails in America; from Campaign For Youth Justice (US), 11/15/07

2007 - FACT SHEET: California's Massive Prison Expansion Deal; Largest Prison Construction Project In History; from Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) & Critical Resistance, Nov 07 (pdf)

2007 - Report: Drugs Strategy Debate 'Is A Sham'; from The Observer (UK), 10/21/07

2007 - GAO Study Reveals Abuse Allegations, Deaths at Residential Treatment Programs; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 10/12/07

2007 - Study: Out Of Prison And Deep In Debt; from New York Times (NY), 10/6/07

2007 - Documenting The Justice Gap In America; from Legal Services Corporation (US), Sep 2007, (pdf)

2007 - WI: Drug Sentences Worse For Blacks; from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI), 9/25/07

2007 - A 25-Year Quagmire: The War on Drugs and Its Impact on American Society; from The Sentencing Project, 9/20/07

2007 - Government Study Confirms Systemic Sexual Violence in Detention; from Stop Prisoner Rape (US), 8/16/07

2007 - Federal Sentencing Study; by Professor David Zlotnick, Roger Williams University School of Law, August 2007

2007 - Report Reveals Massive Inefficiencies in Government's Medical Cannabis Program; from BC Compassion Club Society (Canada), 8/9/07

2007 - Uneven Justice: State Rates of Incarceration By Race and Ethnicity; from The Sentencing Project, July 2007

2007 - Life Sentences: The Collateral Sanctions Associated with Marijuana Offenses; from the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics (CCLE), July, 2007

2007 - Report: New Numbers Show "Alarming Growth" In Incarceration; from Justice Policy Institute (US), 6/27/07

2007 - UN Report: 200 Million People In World Use Drugs; from Times of India (India), 6/26/07

2007 - New Research Shows Supervised Drug Injection Sites Work; from Drug Policy Alliance (US), 5/31/07

2007 - Women in the Criminal Justice System: Report Series; avalable from The Sentencing Project, 5/30/07

2007 - Veterans in State and Federal Prison, 2004; from US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 5/20/07

2007 - Stories From Inside: Prisoner Rape and the War on Drugs; from Stop Prisoner Rape, 3/22/07

2007 - Brennan Center and Former U.S. Attorneys Release Prosecutorial Guidelines to Address Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System; from Brennan Center for Justice, 4/4/07

2007 - Report: New York City Is Hell For Pot Smokers; from (US), 3/31/07

2007 - Prison Rape and the War on Drugs; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 3/23/07

2007 - Report: Legal Loophole Leads To Explosion Of Youth In Adult Jails; from Campaign for Youth Justice (US), 3/21/07

2007 - Changing Direction? State Sentencing Reforms 2004-2006; from The Sentencing Project, 3/14/07

2007 - Illegal Drugs Can Be Harmless, Report Says; from Guardian Unlimited (UK), 3/8/07

2007 - Study: Drug Testing Kids A Bad Idea; from Pediatrics Journal (US), 3/1/07

2007 - Mandatory Drug Terms Are Target In Report; from Baltimore Sun (MD), 2/27/07

2007 - Report: U.S. Family Immigrant Centers Like Prisons; from Yahoo News (US), 2/22/07

2007 - Study Predicts Rise In Inmate Populations; from Pew Charitable Trusts (US), 2/14/07

2007 - Study: Prisoners Face High Death Rate After Release; from Los Angeles Times (CA), 1/11/07

2006 - Record 7 Million In Criminal Justice System; from Associated Press (US), 11/30/06

2006 - Annual Report: The State Of The Drugs Problem In Europe; from The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Nov 06

2006 - Study Finds More Than Half Of All Prison And Jail Inmates Have Mental Health Problems; from US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 9/6/06

2006 - Use of Jailhouse Informants: Reports & Recommendations; from The California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, Nov 2006

2006 - Cracks In The System; 20 Years Of The Unjust Federal Crack Cocaine Law; from ACLU, 0/26/2006 (PDF Format)

2006 - Drug Classification: Making A Hash Of It? from United Kingdom House of Commons, Science and Technology Committee, 7/31/06 (PDF Format)

2006 - A Billion Dollars A Year For Pot? from (US Web), 10/18/06

2006 - U.S.: Attack Dogs Used Against Prisoners, from Human Rights Watch, 10/11/06

2006 - Government Prisoner Rape Study Shows Increase in Sexual Violence Reports, Raises Concerns About Correctional Authorities' Follow Up; from Stop Prison Rape: SPR (US), 7/06

2006 - ACLU Report Documents Thousands Trapped in Flooded Orleans Parish Prison for Days Without Food, Water During Katrina; from ACLU of Louisiana, 8/10/06

2006 - Report: Anti-Drug Ads A Waste, Auditors Say; from Associated Press (US), 8/26/06

2006 - Study: State Fills Up Prisons With Drug Criminals; from Chicago Tribune (IL), 8/22/06

2006 - Why Are Federal Judges So Acquittal Prone? from Law Quarterly, Washington University School of Law (MO)(PDF Format)

2006 - Study: Alcohol Most Abused Substance In Rural Areas; from The Carsey Institute, Univ. Of New Hampshire

2006 - Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America; from The Cato Institute, 7/17/06

2006 - Evaluation Of Prisons In The Organization Of American States; from CURE National (Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants), Jun 06 (PDF Format)

2006 - 2006 World Drugs Report; from UN Office On Drugs And Crime (UNODC), Jul 06

2006 - Alcohol A Bigger Threat To U.S. Youth Than Drugs; from HealthDay News (US), 6/27/06

2006 - The Next Big Thing? Methamphetamine in the United States - New Report Disproves Myth of Methamphetamine "Epidemic; from The Sentencing Project, June 2006 (PDF Format)

2006 - Survey of White Americans Finds Choice of Prison over Treatment Related to Attitudes on Race and Morality; from Substance Abuse Policy Research Program (SAPRP), June 2006

2006 - Report: Beyond Unreliable: How Snitches Contribute to Wrongful Convictions; by Alexandra Natapoff, Loyola Law School (CA), June 2006

2006 - Confronting Confinement: A Report Of The Commission On Safety And Abuse In America's Prisons, 6/8/06

2006 - Liberalisation Of Drug Laws Leads To Massive Fall In Number Of Users, According To New Study; from The Independent (UK), 6/2/06

2006 - Americans Abandon "Punishment Only" Attitudes in Effort to Reduce Crime; from Zogby International, Apr 06

2006 - Study Finds No Cancer, Marijuana Connection; from Washington Post (DC), 5/26/06

2006 - Prisoners in 2005 - Mid-Year; released April 2006 from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. (PDF Format)

2006 - Study: OTC Drugs, Prescriptions Send More To ER Than Cocaine; from USA Today (US), 5/10/06

2006 - Dreher's Jamaican Pregnancy Study: More Suppression of Marijuana Research; from CounterPunch (US Web), 4/22/06

2006 - Harsh Law Hits Home: How Many College Students in Your State Have Lost Financial Aid Due to Drug Convictions? from Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Apr 06

2006 - Proposition 36: Five Years Later; California Sees Greatest Drop in Drug Prisoners Among Large State Prison Systems Since Prop. 36 Enacted; from Justice Policy Institute (US), 4/13/06

2006 - Take Action! Don't Let Congress Poison People - Report: Repeating Mistakes Of The Past: Another Mycoherbicide Research Bill; from Drug Policy Alliance (US), PDF Format - Apr 06

2006 - Drug Tally Shoots Down A Racial Myth; from Boston Globe (MA) & Boston Public Health Commission, Mar 06

2006 - Booker, Blakely & Fanfan Sentencing Materials; from The United States Sentencing Commission

2006 - National Drug Threat Assessment 2006; from US Dept. of Justice, January 2006

2006 - Women's Human Rights: Abuse of Women in Custody: Sexual Misconduct and the Shackling of Pregnant Women; from Amnesty International USA, 3/1/06

2006 - Falling Through the Cracks: Loss of State-Based Financial Aid Eligibility for Students Affected by the Federal Higher Education Act Drug Provision; from DRCNet (US Web) (PDF Format)

2006 - Budget of the United States Government, Department of Justice, Fiscal Year 2007 (PDF Version) Includes Drug Control and Bureau of Prisons Budgets.

2006 - Study Finds Drug Treatment Is Cost-Effective Alternative to Prison; from Research Triangle Institute (NC)

2006 - Study Claiming Rape Rare In Prisons Disputed By Experts; from Associated Press (US), 1/31/06

2006 - Human Rights Watch World Report 2006: U.S. Policy of Abuse Undermines Rights Worldwide; from Human Rights Watch (Worldwide)

2006 - Special Report: Sexual Abuse Behind Bars; from The Detroit News (MI)

2005 - Drug Offenders: Various Factors May Limit the Impact Of Federal Laws That Provide For Denial Of Selected Benefits; from GAO, the Government Accounting Office (PDF Format)

2005 - Battle Tactics: The Economics of the War on Drugs; from The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

2005 - New Report Documents Felony Voting Laws Breakdown: A "Crazy-Quilt" of Tiny Pieces: State and Local Administration of American Criminal Disenfranchisement Laws; from The Sentencing Project, 11/9/05 (PDF Format)

2005 - Snitching: The Institutional and Communal Consequences, by Professor Alexandra Natapoff; from University of Cincinnati Law Review (PDF Format)

2005 - A Public Health Approach to Drug Control in Canada; from Health Officers Council of British Columbia (CAN), Oct. 2005 (PDF Format)

2005 - The Diminishing Returns of Increased Incarceration: A Blueprint to Improve Public Safety and Reduce Costs; from The JFA Institute (DC), Oct 2005 (PDF Format)

2005 - Marijuana Might Cause New Cell Growth In The Brain; from New Scientist Magazine (US), 10/13/05

2005 - Prisoners in 2004 - Year-End; released October 2005 from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. (PDF Format)

2005 - The Rest of Their Lives: Life without Parole for Child Offenders in the United States; from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, 10/12/05

2005 - Efficacy and Impact: The Criminal Justice Response to Marijuana Policy in the US; from The Justice Policy Institute

2005 - Sexual Violence Reported by Correctional Authorities, 2004 (NCJ-210333) from The Bureau Of Justice Statistics

2005 - Release: Commission Hearing Probes Crowding In Prison, Use Of Isolation, & Medical And Mental Health Care; from The Commission On Safety And Abuse In America's Prisons, August 2005

2005 - Women's Rights: Another Casualty of the Drug War; Resolution adopted by The National Organization of Women (NOW), passed July 3, 2005.

2005 - Revealed: How Drugs War Failed; from The Guardian (UK), 7/5/05 - Scathing secret Downing Street Report uncovered

2005 - World Drug Report; from The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

2005 - The US Sentencing Commission's Assessment of How Well the Federal Criminal Justice System is Achieving the Goals of Sentencing Reform warrants study. You can view the Executive Summary and download the report here.

2005 - A Summary of Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders. The Gender-Responsive Strategies Project: Approach and Findings; from The National Institute of Corrections

2005 - The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition, by Jeffrey A. Miron, Professor of Economics, Harvard University

2005 - Special Report: Deterring Staff Sexual Abuse of Federal Inmates; from US Dept. of Justice, Office of Inspector General, May 05.

2005 - The War on Marijuana: The Transformation of the War on Drugs in the 1990s; from The Sentencing Project (PDF Format)

2005 - Prisoners in 2004 - Mid-Year; released April 2005 from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. (PDF Format)

2005 - You Are Going Directly To Jail - DUID Legislation: What It Means, Who's Behind It, and Strategies to Prevent It; from NORML

2005 - Why, After Tulia, Texas Should Re-think Its Big Government Approach To The Drug War; from ACLU of Texas (PDF Format)

2005 - Caught in the Net: How US Drug Laws Harm Women; from ACLU, Break the Chains and the Brennan Center for Justice (pdf)

2005 - State by State Corrections Statistics; from The National Institute of Corrections

2005 - Crimes of Indiscretion: Marijuana Arrests in the United States; from The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML)

2005 - Report Of The International Narcotics Control Board For 2004; A United Nations Publication

2005 - Adult Drug Courts: Evidence Indicates Recidivism Reductions and Mixed Results for Other Outcomes; from The Government Accounting Office (GAO) - (PDF Format)

2005 - Leading Medical, Legal And Civic Groups Propose Workable Exit Strategy For The Failed "War On Drugs"; from The King County Bar Association (WA), 3/3/05

2005 - Gideon's Broken Promise: America's Continuing Quest for Equal Justice - A Report on the American Bar Association's Hearings on the Right to Counsel in Criminal Proceedings

2005 - A Guide to Rockefeller Drug Reform: Understanding the New Legislation; from The Center for Community Alternatives (NY), Jan 05

2005 - RESOLUTION: State Regulation and Control of Psychoactive Substances; from The King County Bar Association, Board of Trustees (WA), 1/19/05

2005 - The Report of the Re-Entry Policy Council; The Council of State Governments established the Re-Entry Policy Council (RPC) in 2001 to assist state government officials grappling with the increasing number of people leaving prisons.

2005 - Office of National Drug Control Policy: Video News Release, B-303495, (Whether 'pre-packaged news stories' from ONDCP constitute 'covert propaganda'); from GAO: The Government Accountability Office

2004 - Million-Dollar Blocks: The Neighborhood Costs Of America's Prison Boom; from The Village Voice (NY)

2004 - The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction 2004 Annual Report.

2004 - Drugs and Crime Across America: Police Chiefs Speak Out; from Drug Strategies (PDF Format)

2004 - Executive Summary: Drugs and Democracy in Latin America: The Impact of U.S. Policy (PDF Format); from The Washington Office on Latin America

2004 - Fifteen Years of Guidelines Sentencing; from The U.S. Sentencing Commission.

2004 - No Second Chance: People with Criminal Records Denied Access to Public Housing; from Human Rights Watch

2004 - Civil Rights Enforcement By Bush Administration Lags; a report from TRAC, the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

2004 - Prisoners in 2003 - Year's End; released November 2004 from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. (PDF Format)

2004 - Illicit Drug Policies: Selected Laws from the 50 States is the first comprehensive guide to illicit drug laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Also available in PDF or ZIP Format.

2004 - After the War on Drugs: Options for Control - A report from The Transform Drug Policy Foundation, (United Kingdom)

2004 - The Wealth Of Hispanic Households: Study Says White Families' Wealth Advantage Has Grown; from The Pew Hispanic Center (PDF Format)

2004 - Evaluation of the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act 2003 (CA's Prop 36) Report; from UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Program. (PDF Format)

2004 - Unjust and Counterproductive: New York's Rockefeller Drug Laws; from Physicians for Human Rights.

2004 - Almost 6.9 Million On Probation Or Parole Or Incarcerated In U.S. Prisons Or Jails; from US Bureau of Justice Statistics. Full report (PDF format) available at

2004 - Schools And Prisons: Fifty Years After Brown v. Board Of Education; from The Sentencing Project (PDF format).

2004 - Jail Breaks: Economic Development Subsidies Given to Private Prisons; from Good Jobs First, A Project of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. This study examines an overlooked aspect of the billion-dollar private prison industry: the extent to which it has been the recipient of economic development subsidies provided by local, state and federal governments.

2004 - U.S. 'Correctional Population' Hits New High; from The New York Times, 7/25/04. Almost 6.9 Million On Probation Or Parole Or Incarcerated In U.S. Prisons Or Jails, according to US BJS. Full report available in PDF format at

2004 - Marijuana Growth in British Columbia; from The Fraser Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Study recommends full legalization/regulation. (PDF Format)

2004 - Still Striking Out: Ten Years of California's Three Strikes; from The Justice Policy Institute, 3/5/04 (PDF Format)

2004 - Treatment or Incarceration: National and State Findings on the Efficacy and Cost Savings of Drug Treatment Versus Imprisonment, from The Justice Policy Institute, 3/24/04 (Also available in PDF Format)

2004 - Flawed Enforcement: Why Drug Task Force Highway Interdiction Violates Rights, Wastes Tax Dollars, And Fails To Limit The Availability Of Drugs In Texas; from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

2004 - The Pain Merchants: Security Equipment And Its Use In Torture And Other Ill-Treatment; from Amnesty International, 2/12/03 (Also available in PDF Format)

2004 - After Prison: Roadblocks To Reentry - A Report On State Legal Barriers Facing People With Criminal Records; from the Legal Action Resource Center (Also available in PDF Format)

2004 - World Prison Population List, 2003 (4th ed.), Roy Walmsley, United Kingdom Home Office Research. Data shows U.S. continues to be World's Leading Jailer (PDF Format)

2004 - Prison and Jail Inmates at Mid-Year 2003; from The Bureau of Justice Statistics (PDF Format)

2004 - The Meaning Of "Life": Long Prison Sentences In Context, by Marc Mauer, Ryan S. King, And Malcolm C. Young; from The Sentencing Project (PDF Format)

2004 - The New Landscape of Imprisonment: Mapping America's Prison Expansion; by Sarah Lawrence & Jeremy Travis; from The Urban Institute (PDF Format)

2004 -
The Limited Relevance of Drug Policy: Cannabis in Amsterdam and in San Francisco; by Craig Reinarman, PhD, Peter D. A. Cohen, PhD, and Hendrien L. Kaal, PhD (PDF Format)

2004 - The Prison Index: Taking the Pulse of the Crime Control Industry; available from The Prison Policy Initiative.

2004 - Justice Reinvestment: To Invest in Public Safety by Reallocating Justice Dollars to Refinance Education, Housing, Healthcare and Jobs; from The Open Society Institute (PDF format)

2004 - Smart On Crime: Positive Trends in State-Level Sentencing and Corrections Policy; from 2003 - Stop Prisoner Rape Report: The Sexual Abuse of Female Inmates in Ohio; December 2003 (PDF Format)

2003 - Sentencing Authority and the Separation of Powers: "Who Decides Sentences at the Front End?" - Testimony of Paul Rosenzweig, Heritage Foundation, before the ABA Justice Kennedy Commission - (PDF format)

2003 - Race and the Enforcment of Drug Delivery Laws in Seattle - Prepared on behalf of the Defender Association's Racial Disparity Project, Seattle, Washington - (PDF format)

2003 - Veterans in Prison or Jail; A Special Report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics - (PDF format)

2003 - Post Incarceration Syndrome and Relapse (PICS); By Terence T. Gorski

2003 - State of the States: Drug Policy Reforms, 1996-2002; from Drug Policy Alliance

2003 - The 2002 report on California Proposition 36 (The Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act [SACPA]) - from UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (PDF format, 1.2 Mb)

2003 - Incarcerated America: A report on American prisons - from Human Rights Watch

2003 - From The Center for Public Integrity - A major new Study on Prosecutorial Misconduct: Harmful Error. Such misconduct includes the failure of prosecutors to disclose evidence suggesting the defendant's innocence; coaching potential witnesses; misstating the power of forensic evidence; and failing adequately to question the accounts of self-interested jailhouse informants.

2003 - Comparative International Rates of Incarceration: An Examination of Causes and Trends - Presented to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights; Written by Marc Mauer, Assistant Director, The Sentencing Project (PDF file)

2003 - Texas Tough II, a policy brief from the Justice Policy Institute - After a three-year-decline in the prison population, Texas' prison population may once again be on the rise.

2003 - The Sentencing Project: Big Prisons, Small Towns: Prison Economics in Rural America (PDF file) - Examines the impact of new prison construction in rural communities.

2003 - The Justice Policy Institute: Cut Maryland Prison Population to Ease Budget Crisis -
Study Findings Echo Gov. Ehrlich's Call for Treatment Instead of Incarceration

2003 - A new report available from Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University reveals wide variations found among assistant U.S. attorneys (AUSAs) in the percentage of investigative matters they decline to prosecute.

2003 - The Justice Policy Institute: Cutting Correctly, One Year Later: State Budget Crisis and Corrections Reform

2002 - Common Sense for Drug Policy: Drug War Distortions and Drug War Facts

2001 - The Sentencing Project: Three Strikes, Seven Years Later (PDF file) - Examines the impact of the aging prison population.

2001 - "Whose Safety? - Women of color and the violence of law enforcement

2001 - ACLU - Poll Shows Surprisingly Forgiving Attitude Toward Crime and Punishment: Most Americans Don't Want to Throw Away the Key

2001 - The Pew Research Center: Interdiction and Incarceration Still Top Remedies, 74% Say Drug War Being Lost

2001 - Building Blocks for Youth Initiative - Drugs and Disparity: The Racial Impact of Illinois' Practice of Transferring Young Drug Offenders to Adult Court

2001 - Justice Policy Institute - Too Little Too Late: President Clinton's Prison Legacy

2000 - Justice Policy Institute - Drug Use and Justice: An Examination of California Drug Policy Enforcement

2000 - Justice Policy Institute - Poor Prescription: The Costs of Imprisoning Drug Offenders in the United States

2000 - Human Right's Watch - Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs

2000 - Justice Policy Institute - Texas Tough? An Analysis of Incarceration and Crime Trends in The Lone Star State

1999 - The War on Drugs: Addicted to Failure. Recommendations of the L.A. Citizens' Commission on U.S. Drug Policy; from The Institute for Policy Studies (Available as 5 Adobe Acrobat files):

1999 - Network of Reform Organizations - The Effective National Drug Control Strategy

1999 - USDOJ: Bureau of Justice Statistics - Incarcerated Parents and Their Children - (PDF format)

1999 - Amnesty International - Not Part of My Sentence - Violations of the Human Rights of Women in Custody (PDF Format)

1999 - Justice Policy Institute - America's One Million Nonviolent Prisoners

1999 - Human Right's Watch - Official Data Reveal Most New York Drug Offenders Are Nonviolent

1999 - Frontline - PBS - SNITCH: How informants have become a kay part of prosecutorial strategy in the drug war

1999 - Justice Policy Institute - The Punishing Decade: Prison and Jail Estimates at the Millennium (PDF Format)

1998 - Mandatory Minimums and Parental Attitudes: The Effects of Lengthy Incarceration On Parents of Non-violent Offenders, written by Paul Lewin (PDF Format)

1998: The Past and Future of US Prison Policy: Twenty-Five Years After the Stanford Prison Experiment," by Craig Haney and Philip Zimbardo, from American Psychologist, July 1998, Vol. 53, No. 7, (PDF Format)

1998- Bill Moushey, Pittsburg Post Gazette - Win At All Costs, Government misconduct in the name of expedient justice

1998 - Amnesty International - USA: Rights For All: Human Rights In The United States Of America (PDF Format)

1998 - National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) - Behind Bars: Substance Abuse and America's Prison Population

1997 - Rand Corporation - Are Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences Cost-Effective?

1997 - The Sentencing Project - Intended and Unintended Consequences: State Racial Disparities in Imprisonment (Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

1996 - New York County Lawyers' Association - Report and Recommendations of the Drug Policy Task Force

1994 - Federal Judicial Center - The Consequences of Mandatory Minimum Prison Terms (Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

1972 - Consumer Reports Magazine - The Consumers Union Report: - Licit and Illicit Drugs - by Edward M. Brecher and the Editors of Consumer Reports Magazine

For more reports and studies on drug policy and incarceration issues, visit the links below:

Common Sense for Drug Policy   Drug Policy Alliance
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Collection of Studies and Reports from The Open Society Institute

Mandatory Minimums and Parental Attitudes: The Effects of Lengthy Incarceration on Parents of Non-Violent Offenders - By Paul Lewin.

Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Explained - An in depth guide to getting the documents you need from the government; compiled by Prisoners of the Drug War and the November Coalition.

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