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National Vigil Project - Guidelines

As you review our guidelines, you will see that becoming a vigil leader requires a commitment of time and few formal requirements. Experience has shown that a leader usually begins with a small group and the minimum guidelines listed here. As a leader becomes more confident and volunteer participation grows, some leaders include other activities with their vigils. Perhaps some of the reports have made that apparent to you. These are the guidelines that have made this project successful; please review them carefully.

Public Presentation

The way we look is extremely important to gain acceptance with a local community. As the vigil leader, it is up to you to ensure that your participants present an appropriate, peaceful image. Encourage neat and clean clothing because appearance casts the first impression that the public will make of us. If you happen to make the news, how you look will become even more important! This doesn't mean that vigil volunteers must wear suits, but a good rule of thumb is to dress to the standard of those who will be seeing your vigil, taking our literature and talking with vigil participants.

The November Coalition has slogan T-shirts - one with white lettering on a dark blue shirt reads, There Is No Justice on the War on Drugs. This shirt is ideal to wear at a vigil because it shows up vividly when photographed or appearing on camera. To review and order t-shirts and other vigil supplies, see our Activist Supplies page.

Regularly Scheduled Vigils

Participants must commit to holding a vigil at least quarterly (4 times a year) to be considered a Vigil Leader, supplied with materials and regular technical support from the November Coalition. We can provide a temporary kit for those who may want to vigil for a special event or occasion. If a leader cannot keep this committment, or must stop leading vigils for any reason, please return the vigil materials to our office.

Communication Requirements

We ask vigil leaders to give at least 2 weeks notice of all upcoming vigils. Date, place, time and leader(s) contact information can be emailed to: for posting. We also would like a brief report of your vigil after it has taken place. Forward photos and press coverage (e.g. - video of evening news and newsclippings) to our office so they can included in the Razor Wire and on our website. Prisoners enjoy the reports, photographs and press clippings - they spread hope and goodwill within the confines of prison, something not unimportant to attaining our goals. Without hope, people cannot work for reform effectively.

You will be placed on our e-mail discussion list after your vigil leader questionnaire has been received. It is a low volume list except when we have planned a national vigil date. For a few days, a few times a year, the list is busy, but exciting.

That about sums up our guidelines - mostly we require heart and dedication and our hope is that in you - we have found both. If you would like to lead a vigil in your community, please fill out the Vigil Questionnaire - you will be hearing from us not long after we recieve it.


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