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Volunteering with the November Coalition

Our network of volunteers participate in a variety of levels and through projects sponsored by our organization. This introduction will help you understand how we work to mobilize volunteers at the "grassroots" level and how you can fit into one or more category of November Coalition volunteer.

Member - A member of the November Coalition supports the Coalition with yearly dues and receives online, web-based services and a mailed a copy of our periodical, the print The Razor Wire, currently published two times a year. Please sign up for our low-volume email list, and bookmark the November Coalition's home page. If you are not yet a member, please join.

Volunteer Member - Members of the November Coalition that also support our mission by volunteering time on our organizational projects. Sometimes volunteers ask to be networked with other members in their region. This is a good way for November Coalition members to meet each other, enjoying the company of like-minded citizens. Volunteers keep abreast of our projects, distribute our published information, encourage others to join our organization, and participate in special projects and campaigns.

Regional Volunteer Leader - Our regional leaders plan and lead community events, hold meetings, build media relationships, and involve themselves in projects that are sponsored by the November Coalition. Through an e-list, and staff working the phones, our leaders stay in close contact with other regional leaders. Regional leaders, staff and prisoners plan and implement programs and new projects. If you would like to be a regional leader, fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire, mail it back to us, and we will introduce you to others in your area.

Point of Contact Volunteer - This person usually works closely with another organization (ie: prison reform or social justice reform, or other drug law reform group) and will help coordinate a November Coalition sponsored event or project when it aligns with their organization's mission. If you are with another organization and you and your associates are interested in networking with us, please fill out the questionnaire.

November Coalition's staff, working with volunteers and advisors, develops campaigns in which people can easily participate. Some of our projects require teamwork, and others you can work by yourself. Please review the summaries listed at this link and visit that portion of our website for a complete description and instructions on how you can be involved. If you have any questions, each page will give you an opportunity to address your concerns to the person best suited to give you an answer.

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