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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When did the November Coalition begin this project and why?

A: See our History of the November Coalition; also review our vigil reports to understand more background information about this project.

Q: I can't commit to a weekly vigil, what should I do?

A: You may not be able to lead or attend a vigil on a weekly basis, and some of the participants may not be able to make it that regularly either. The key here is to identify one or more people you can rely on to share this responsibility, and then divide up vigils (i.e., each person runs the vigil on alternating weeks, etc.). We are working toward building enough community support for vigils to become weekly events, your eye toward organizing for this same goal is imperative, too.

Q: How do I maintain communication with my participants?

A: The best thing you can do is set up a phone tree & collect e-mail addresses for people with Internet access. Be sure to review our online technical assistance items and instructions to learn how to make the most of your time when organizing vigils.

Q: We want media coverage, what should we do?

A: Getting media coverage is truly an art, if it is done properly. When you have completed several vigils e-mail to discuss your options. A member of our staff will address your press strategy. Essentially this will involve identifying the media outlets you wish to contact, deciding on who the best reporter is for our purposes, and contacting them in advance to discuss. To help you form a media contact list begin to read your local paper to see who covers stories about crime, justice and society - these reporters are more likely to cover your story. Scan the radio air waves and begin to make a list of radio personalities and news reporters who are covering these issues as well. You can search the internet for their contact information. Identify the politicians who are sympathetic to drug reform, and once your vigil is established, invite them to attend. If you know that a politician or civic leader is going to attend, you can get permission to include this in a press release. Reporters will often cover a vigil when "dignataries" are present.

Q: I can't commit to 4 vigils a year. Is there a way I can still participate?

A: Yes, you can perhaps participate by attending a vigil in your community. But, there are far more communities than we have vigil leaders, so if you are interested in leading a one time vigil, or periodic vigils, by all means do so! We can provide you with supplies and materials; please review our Activist Supplies page.

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