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December 16, 2004 - The Free Press (TX)


By Dean Becker, Drug Truth Network

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Ever play those video games where you can earn points to achieve enhanced states, with infinite ammunition or improved health for your pixilated warrior? Some games allow you to enter a code or password to reach a "God Mode" status wherein you never run out of bullets, you never get hurt and you can never die.

The US government is in God Mode. They have the weapons; they have the money, the power and the "moral" obligation, a veritable "mandate from God", for their eternal wars of "liberation."

This "mandate" holds true for the proclaimed eternal war of terror as well as for the interminable, now 90 year old war of drugs.

"Drugs enslave people" has been the mantra over the decades of drug war. (If we can just separate the user from the supply then we have done "God's work".) Never mind that our policy has destroyed the lives of tens of millions of individuals and their family structures. Pay no attention to the news that tobacco kills more than 400,000 US citizens each year, that alcohol kills more than 100,00 annually and that doctors and pharmacists screw up to the tune of 120,000 needless deaths each year in writing and filling prescriptions "under the law."

Pay no attention to the glaring truth that deaths caused by use of all illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, speed and inhalants are significantly less than deaths caused by the use of Tylenol and aspirin. Never mind that these black market drugs are made by untrained "chemists" in substandard labs and are then diluted, polluted and "cut" with various agents at each link of the sales chain by the sellers, to make a greater profit.

"Collateral damage", the magic bugaboo that allows agents of the US to escape from a dilemma, especially when the damage done can be described as being done in the name of the "war on drugs" or the "war of terror". Missionaries can be blasted from the sky, children murdered in their beds, old folks terrorized by flash grenades and machine guns.

It all right if 3.500 peasants are butchered each year in Colombia over drug profits. It's perfectly fine if we arrest 755.000 US citizens each year for little baggies of cannabis. It is God's will if each year we destroy a total of 1.6 million American's chances of a better life by arresting them for drugs, surely God is well pleased.

Without one shred of valid, scientific evidence, despite the lack of moral clarity or constitutional authority, the drug warriors that inhabit most every public office, the majority of those in law enforcement positions of authority, those that are in positions of power within the medical community and those lazy, mainstream reporters who obediently pass along the government propaganda about the drug war without doing a fact check are the true "snake oil salesmen".

These charlatans and whores real obedience is to the bankers, pharmaceutical houses, the alcohol and tobacco vendors who profit from eternal drug war.

With literally tens of billions of dollars at their disposal each year, these drug warriors have been, for decades, the "monsters of the midway", yet now we find resistance to their tactics and lies growing as never before. When 75% of Texan's are now for medical marijuana, why does this jihad continue?

When confidential polls indicate perhaps 80% of working policemen are for ending the drug war, by what right or mechanism does this war continue?

FEAR! When 3 out of 4 people you meet are for making a change and yet they are unwilling to discuss said change, we can only chalk this up to one thing, fear of societal demonization, (promulgated and amplified on the airwaves of America each day by hundreds of millions of tax dollars thrown into the bottomless pit of drug prohibition.)

Before the drug laws were institutionalized and federalized in the early 20th century, the only people using what are now "hard drugs" were a few Civil War veterans and a few hypochondriac housewives.

Back when heroin sold on the same shelf and at the same price as aspirin, children did not use "illegal" drugs and there were no violent drug gangs, overdose deaths or a black market.

Unless and until we dare to speak the truth, the drug war will remain a success only for those utilizing the "God Mode".

A new, "silent majority" of Americans know a change is needed. What the hell are YOU afraid of? Speak up! Stand up!

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