Together, we work to end drug war injustice

Becoming Part of the Solution

Mass incarceration of drug law violators does not stem the use of drugs, or reduce the illegal drug economy. Long time members of the November Coalition know that action against ending the injustice of the drug war begins with one step.
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Something immediate you can do today is join our organization, sponsor a drug war prisoner's membership, or donate without membership benefits. Join, sponsor or donate online here.

Learn More About Drug War Injustice

If your goal is to end drug war injustice, you are going to have to tell new people about old problems, and old acquaintances about new injustices.

From our website you can find a lot of information to share with others:
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Learning About Social Change

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If a concerned citizen, former prisoner of the drug war, currently in prison or loved one of someone incarcerated -- you are not alone. November members began compiling their experiences in organizing opposition to the failed and inhumane war on drugs over a decade ago.

Bottoms Up, a guide to grassroots organizing, it's an online guide, and free to use.

You don't need experience in organizing to take action now. If you're motivated to make changes, and to work with others who feel the way you do, Bottoms Up offers November Coalition's collective experience to help you become an effective leader in the fight against drug war injustice.
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Volunteer With Us

A group like November Coalition needs donations of time and membership dues. One of our founding principles was victims of drug war injustice would have to step beyond the convictions in court, and into voicing our own conviction that waring on people and drugs, simply wasn't going to solve problems.

If you are a community leader who would like to participate with us on a project, or work with other members developing a special project in your region, consider introducing yourself and making your contact information available to the public at our website.

You can become a dues paying member, sponsor a drug war prisoner, make a tax deductible donation, or buy a November T-shirt online.