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The following links will take you to a growing archive of various forms of multi-media expressions of our discontent in current drug laws and expansions of prisons.

In this informal archive, you will find an assortment of public events filmed  by November Coalition volunteers. Other links preview independent films that feature members, news coverage of some events, books that members have written, or current works of particular importance to our members. Viewing them can inspire like-minded groups to adopt some of the strategies shown in the digital film shorts, lectures or books that have been written.

Send your presentations, creative film-shorts of your dissent, or recorded news coverage of your events! It's great to share your work with others for lots of reasons. Browse around and enjoy yourself!

Is It Time To Legalize Marijuana? Interview with Douglas Hiatt, Esq., co-author of the Sensible Washington Campaign, from King 5 News, Seattle, 4/4/10, via YouTube

On The Radio:

"Please Believe" - Performed by prisoner Garland Hogan and friends, written and sung
while in a medium security prison. Video by Fr. Tom Hereford

Audio Interview: Robert Field, President of Common Sense for Drug Policy; from DrugTruth Network / Century of Lies, celebrating 8 Years On The Air, 10/11/09 (mP3)

Highlights of Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on
Sen. Webbs Criminal Justice Bill, June 12, 2009

American Violet
tells the story of a single mother in Texas who is charged in a drug bust based on the uncorroborated testimony of a single informant. The film opens nationwide April 17, 2009 --

Protest Against the Global Drug War, from Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Vienna, Austria, 3/11/09

Prison 101: A film by Fr. Tom Hereford, November Coalition Volunteer

Song: Please Believe, by Garland Hogan, federal prisoner # 53629-004, FCI Coleman (mP3, 8.5 mB)

Video: November Coalition and the War on Drugs -- A six minute video with music from World League, and photos and movies of our members in action throughout the years. The backdrop of the video is Nora's first speech on behalf of the November Coalition. - Posted on YouTube, Mar 2008

Videos: The Washington State "Gang Bill" - 3 instructional films produced by Unite 4 Justice; posted on YouTube, Feb 2008 -- More WA State News &Activism

Prisons Scrapping Ion Detection Machines - from CW-TV 33, Dallas, TX, May 7, 2008

Video: Family turned away from federal prison after death of prisoner's mother - from CW-TV 33, Dallas, TX, November 3, 2007

Video: Nora's mom, 85-year old Bea Callahan, denied prison visit with her son after "positive drug test" - from CW-TV 33, Dallas, TX, May 3, 2007

Video Update: [BOP] Officials Suspend Use Of Prison Testing System; from WEEK-TV (IL), 4/22/08

Video: False Positives Cause Problems For Prison Visitors; from WEEK-TV (IL), 2/25/08
BOP Suspends Use of Ion Machines; 4/11/08 -- Learn More about Drug Testing and Prison Visits

Video: November Coalition at 2007 United States Social Forum, Atlanta GA, June 2007. Posted on YouTube

Nora Callahan

Teresa Aviles

Aaron Dixon

Audio Excerpt: Nora Callahan discusses changes in recent sentencing laws and crack cocaine retroactivity (mP3); from DrugTruth Network, Dec 2007 (Full show available here)
Video: Mandatory Time, and Mandatory Fines - Richard Paey Update; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 8/21/07 -- More on Richard Paey

Video: Incarcerex: for the Treatment of Chronic Re-Election Paranoia (CREEP). Trusted by 4 out of 5 Politicians since discovered by Richard Nixon in 1972. Brought to you by Drug Policy Alliance.

Video: Colombia Clean: Demobilization Made Easy!. Treats soiled clothing, dirty conscience or blood-stained history. Now with Blame Repellent! Brought to you by Amnesty International - USA.

The War on Drugs: A Documentary

Movies of Public Events:

Drug Peace Rally, San Francisco, CA, June 15, 1997 - November Coalition Founder and Director Nora Callahan's first public speech; includes local media coverage. - Windows Media (26 Mb) -- QuickTime (40 Mb)

Two Million, Too Many Vigils captured the imagination of thousands of participants and received national and international press in 2000 -- and the movement to end over-reliance on prisons is becoming nationally established.  (Local TV Coverage, ABC-KXLY News Spokane, WA), 2/15/00 - Windows Media (7 Mb) -- QuickTime (13 Mb) -- For links to nationwide Vigil reports and other news coverage, see

Institute for Policy Studies' Letelier-Moffitt Awards Ceremony, awarded to The November Coalition. Nora Callahan gives a stirring acceptance speech, using November Coalitions stories -- Washington DC, 10/16/00 - Windows Media (14 Mb) -- QuickTime (47 Mb)

Milk Not Jails - a rural protest against a proposed $17.5 Million jail, Colville, WA, 8/28/04 - November Coalition members put on prisoner suits and entered the annual Northeast Washington Fair Parade with empty milk jugs. A proposed $17.5 million jail was coming up for a vote, proponents urging voters to approve it because it would cost the "equivalent of a couple of gallons of milk a month". Two to one, voters said yes to milk, and no to the new jail. - Windows Media (11 Mb) -- QuickTime (31 Mb) -- Listen to the Radio Ad (mP3)

Beyond Bars: A Conference on the Politics of the Prison Industrial Complex, Fairhaven College, Bellingham, WA, 12/3/05 - Criminal Actors - the Informant System and the Drug War. A public presentation by Nora Callahan, Executive Director of the November Coalition. Presented at the Beyond Bars Conference, December 3, 2005, Bellingham, WA. In this video, Nora relates how drug conspiracy laws rely heavily and primarily on a massive criminal informant, or snitch, system. - Windows Media (55 Mb) -- QuickTime (52 Mb)

Protesting Current Policies; Demonstration at VP Dick Cheney Campaign Appearance, Spokane, WA (Local TV Coverage, ABC-KXLY News), 4/17/06 - Washington November Coalition members joined with hundreds of anti-war voices gathered to challenge Republicans to seek a path to peace. - Windows Media (13 Mb) -- QuickTime (13 Mb)

Set Up To Fail is a dramatic presentation created and performed by Justice Works!, a Seattle, WA based prisoner advocacy group. The performance takes about 20 minutes, leaving ample time for open discussion with performers and audience. Two people can educate hundreds! For more about the organization who began to perform this moving play in the northwest, visit Justice Works! online. Watch a performance of Set Up To Fail here: Window Media (Large); Window Media (Small); Quicktime (Large)

5th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Christmas Party; Bronx, New York; 12/20/04 (QuickTime slideshow with music), hosted by Teresa Aviles, November Coalition Volunteer

6th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic; Bronx, New York - Summer 2005 (QuickTime slideshow with music), hosted by Teresa Aviles, November Coalition Volunteer

7th Annual Isidro Aviles Memorial Picnic, FDR Park, NY, 4/16/06; hosted by Teresa Aviles, November Coalition Volunteer. Windows Media (68 Mb) -- Quicktime (73 Mb)

Films, Trailers and Upcoming Projects:

Lockdown, USA: On the 34th anniversary of the failed Rockefeller Drug Laws, hip-hop megastar Jim Jones has released a new rap single and video, from the forthcoming documentary film of the same name. Watch the video here or Download the song here.

SNITCH - A great introduction to the inherent injustice in the War on Drugs, focusing on 'snitching', conspiracy laws and prosecutor abuse. 90 minutes long. This program is no longer available from PBS; however, PBS and WGBH-Boston have graciously given us permission to copy and distribute for public showings. Originally aired January 12, 1999.
PBS Frontline
& WGBH-Boston have granted us permission to copy and distribute DVD copies of SNITCH at no charge. Contact our office for details. You may also view or download SNITCH in Windows Media Player format here.
THE PLEA - Considered to be a 'sequel' to SNITCH, and by the same producer/director, Ofra Bikel. Nearly 95% of all cases resulting in felony convictions never reach a jury. They are settled through plea bargains in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. But what are the implications of a system that relies on pleas to expedite justice? Originally aired June 17, 2004. Available here from PBS Frontline.
UP THE RIDGE: A US Prison Story - A one-hour television documentary produced by Nick Szuberla and Amelia Kirby of Holler To The Hood. The program offers viewers an in-depth look at the United States prison industry and the social impact of moving hundreds of thousands of inner-city minority offenders to distant rural outposts. The film explores competing political agendas that align government policy with human rights violations, and political expediencies that bring communities into racial and cultural conflict with tragic consequences. Available here from Holler To The Hood.

Childhood, Interrupted. A short movie designed to get people thinking and spark discussion about the practice of sending juveniles to adult prisons. Also included is a Discussion Guide, which can be used for further exchange about this important issue. Produced by Campaign For Youth Justice. For your free copy of this DVD, contact Jessica Sandoval at

Watch a clip of "Childhood, Interrupted"

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters; from Flex Your Rights. Created by Flex Your Rights and narrated by retired ACLU director Ira Glasser, BUSTED realistically depicts the pressure and confusion of common police encounters. In an entertaining and revealing manner, BUSTED illustrates the right and wrong ways to handle different police encounters and pays special attention to demonstrating how you, the viewer, can courteously and confidently refuse police searches.

Order The DVD Visit the BUSTED YouTube page for video clips and interviews

Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey. Viewing this film may change your answers to these questions: Should law enforcement officers be expected to enforce laws that don't make sense? What happens if the police don't believe in the laws? What if nobody believes in them? Does drug prohibition actually do more harm than drug use? From The National Film Board Of Canada.

Trailer: Perversion of Justice (formerly Guilt by Association) shows the impact of conspiracy laws, the use of incentivized witnesses, or drug snitches, and harsh imprisonment on families. A film trailer, directed by Melissa Mummert - Windows Media (32 Mb) -- QuickTime (56 Mb). For more info, to order copies of the full film and to contact filmmaker Melissa Mummert, see

Our Members In Action:

Zombie Nation, KYRS-FM Radio, Spokane, WA, 3/8/08. Nora Callahan discusses the film documentary Up The Ridge: A US Prison Story, and the Prison-Industrial Complex with host Brad Read of KYRS Thin Air Radio. (mP3, 13 mB).

Full Logic Reverse; KVMR-FM, Nevada City, CA, 1999. "The War Against The War On Drugs"; Talk show featuring Tom Murlowski of the November Coalition, hosted by Mike Thornton.


The Journey for Justice Song, by Amy, Julie, Jess and Molly: The Heartland Crofters (mP3 Format) -- Visit The Journey For Justice

Songs of Justice: On rough-cut home video, filmed at SpoCannabis, a public concert and medical marijuana educational day in Spokane, Washington 5/7/05, November Coalition's Nora Callahan sings three original songs about drug war injustice:

Ode to Len Bias (A Ballad of the Drug War) - Lyrics and vocals: Nora Callahan, guitar: Katana Christen - MOVIE (2.7 Mb, Quicktime Format)

It's Time for Justice Now - Lyrics and vocals: Nora Callahan, guitar: Katana Christen - LYRICS - MOVIE (3.2 Mb, Quicktime Format)

Our Own Kind - Lyrics and vocals: Nora Callahan, guitar: Katana Christen - LYRICS - MOVIE (3.5 Mb, Quicktime Format) - This song also available in mP3 Format

Granny Bong Hit: An American Folk Song. From the album In The Beginning, By Nel Harrison (mP3 Format)

Stop Snitching: Live From The F.E.D.S. - CD Sample Tracks

"I owned an independent music store and record label before I was incarcerated, and I feel the best way I can tell people what's going on, is through music. With the help of my family and friends, we recorded a CD to share our messages with our community. Other men that worked with me on this project are incarcerated, serving anywhere from seven years to life sentences. About 60% of the music and messages onf the Stop Snitching CD were created by those imprisoned." -- Joe Gonzalez Jr. (For more on The "Stop Snitching" Movement, see and

"Let It Rain" - Explicit Lyrics! (Mp3 Format, 2.1 Mb)

"Skit (A Shout-Out from Joe)" - Explicit Lyrics! (Mp3 Format, 0.5 Mb)

(This album is available at:

White Skinned Mexican - CD Sample Tracks

Produced, written and performed by"Mike D", son of a drug war prisoner

"Now That You're Gone" (Mp3 Format, 3.7 Mb)

"I Wanna Do Some Good" (Mp3 Format, 3.1 Mb)


So Many Tears, by Teresa Aviles. In So Many Tears, Teresa Aviles tells the heart-wrenching story of how the War on Drugs took away her first-born child, Isidro. Implicated in a federal drug conspiracy, Isidro was sucked into the maw of the criminal justice nightmare and sentenced to 26 years for a first-time non-violent drug law violation, destined never to return to the arms of his loving family.

Arrested with no drugs, money or evidence of any sort, and convicted on the questionable word of a paid government informant, Isidro was eight years into his sentence when he was taken deathly ill. Even now this mother still doesn't have any real answers. Isidro's death certificate, written by US Bureau of Prison officials, still states he was a White Male who died of AIDS.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Drug War Statistics: A Critical Analysis of Claims Made by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, by Matthew B. Robinson and Renee G. Scherlen. This book critically analyzes claims made by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), the White House agency of accountability in the nation's drug war. Specifically, the book examines six editions of the annual National Drug Control Strategy between 2000 and 2005 to determine if ONDCP accurately and honestly presents information or intentionally distorts evidence to justify continuing the war on drugs.

Burning Rainbow Farm: How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke, by Dean Kuipers (Bloomsbury) Founded in 1993, Rainbow Farm in rural Michigan attracted law enforcement surveillanc, as it became a safe haven for a diverse group of caring local and countercultural people. After a series of confrontations with authorities, police snipers killed Crosslin and Rohm two days before the more infamous 9/11 NYC terrorist strike. Kuipers argues that maximum force is not always morally justified when dealing with the emotional issues surrounding the War on Drugs.

"Burning Rainbow Farm" is a 2007 Michigan Notable Books winner and can be ordered online at

The Real Cost of Prisons Project has comic books available for distribution:

Prison Town: This comic tells the tale of how financing and siting of prisons and jails affects the people of rural communities in which prisons are built. It also tells the story of the how mass incarceration affects the people of urban communities, where the majority of people who are incarcerated come from. Included in the comic book are alternatives to the current system.

Prisoners of the War on Drugs: The comic book includes: the history of the war on drugs, mandatory minimums and how racism creates harsher sentences for people of color; stories on how the war on drugs works against women, three strikes, obstacles to coming home after incarceration, how mass incarceration destabilizes neighborhoods, and alternatives to the present system.

Prisoners of a Hard Life: Women and Their Children: This comic book includes stories about women trapped by mandatory sentencing and the War on Drugs and the "costs" of incarceration for women and their families. A two-page story details the trial and sentencing of Regina McKnight. Also included are "Change is Possible" alternatives to the present system, a glossary and footnotes.

Visit our Online Resources page for more book suggestions

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