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Richard Paey Granted Full Pardon!

Richard Paey Is Finally Free! Paey, serving 25 years in prison for "illegal prescriptions", was granted a full pardon by Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida and the Florida Clemency Board on September 20, 2007.
Free Days For Richard Paey; from Tampa Bay Online (FL), 11/1/08
Pardoned Man Thankful To Be With Loved Ones; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 11/23/07
Richard Paey Speaks; from Reason Online (US Web), 11/20/07
King Of Pain; from Creative Loafing Tampa (FL), 11/14/07
Paey Starts Afresh With Call From Crist; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 9/22/07
At Long Last, Free Man Can Look Up; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 9/22/07
Report: Richard Paey Is Free! from November Coalition (US), 9/21/07
Full Pardon Begins To Ease Man's Pain; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 9/21/07
State Grants Clemency On 25-Year Sentence; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 9/21/07
Pain Sufferer Wins Pardon In Drug Case; from Miami Herald (FL), 9/20/07
Paey Given Full Pardon; Crist Orders Him Freed Today; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 9/20/07

Video: Richard Paey Talks After Being Granted Clemency; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 9/21/07

Video: Fla. Pardons Disabled Man Convicted Of Drug Charge; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 9/20/07

Audio: Richard Paey Pardoned On Drug Charges; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 9/20/07

Video: Mandatory Time, and Mandatory Fines - Richard Paey Update; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 8/21/07

Video: Man Suffering From Pain Might Be Granted Clemency; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 8/17/07

Video: The Trouble With Painkillers; from CBS Ch. 4 News, Miami, FL, 7/7/06

A Poem by Richard's daughter, Catherine Paey; February 7, 2006
Read aloud by Catherine at Richard's 8/8/07 waiver hearing, and at Richard's 9/20/07 clemency hearing, where he was granted a full pardon by Governor Charlie Crist

Tears Can't Comprehend

Fear from anxiety,
The surreal reality,
The judge's indifference,
My life's personal significance.
Those laws of injustice,
Taking those I miss.

All eyes are upon me,
Every tear spilled is seen.
Behind this case lies a sad story,
Revealed by my salty tears pouring.
Blinded from my drownings,
Salty water blurs my surroundings

Mixed emotions of frustration,
Trying to find contemplation.
That as my tears flow,
People grow old.

Those people I love will slowly die,
Because of people who want to lie.
Those innocent cry in prison,
Because of those who will not listen.
To imagine your worst fears,
Happening to those people for years.
All that's left are their tears.

As my tears are shed,
Others can't comprehend.

June 2007 - The Florida Parole Commission has recommended that Gov. Charlie Crist consider Paey's clemency petition.

This is unusual because Richard hasn't served a third of his sentence yet. If you have done work to support Richard Paey's release -- he and his family send their thanks. They know that without your help, we wouldn't be so hopeful today. 

Richard's case "demonstrates extraordinary merit" and so, if you would like to help show the Governor why releasing Richard is the correct thing to do, keep those cards and letters flowing. According to John P. Flannery, Richard's attorney, "they are being read and carefully considered by the Office of Executive Clemency."

Court Will Not Hear Paey's Appeal

The Florida Supreme Court announced on March 9, 2007 that it will not hear the appeal of Richard Paey, His attorney, John Flannery, said there are only two options left: the pending clemency request before Gov. Charlie Crist, and an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Source: Times-Wire)

Richard Paey's Appeal To The Supreme Court Of Florida; drafted by Attorney John P. Flannery II and Pain Relief Network, 2/6/07

Richard was moved in 2006, in shackles, to another Florida Correctional Facility; one without proper medical care or even wheelchair access facilities.

Read more about Richard Paey and the War on Pain Patients:

Richard was featured on CBS 60 Minutes on January 29, 2006

The WALL -- From Painkillers to Prison: Read Richard's Story

Clemency Sought For Man Serving 25 Years; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 8/10/07

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MS Sufferer Serving 25-Year Sentence for Taking Pain Killers; from (US), 3/13/07

Disabled Man Appeals Drug Trafficking Conviction To Supreme Court; from Associated Press (US), 1/19/07

Column: Mercy Plea Travels A Painful Road; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 12/19/06

Editorial: A Drug Sentence Without Justice; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 12/10/06

Man Loses Case, Wins Sympathy; from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 12/7/06

Column: War On Drugs Makes Life Harder For Pain Sufferers; from New York Times (NY), 5/6/06

Pumped Up in Florida; from Access Press (MN), 3/17/06

Column: That Plea Deal Doesn't Look So Bad Now; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 2/12/06

Supporters: Pasco County Man's Case Shows Unfairness Of Drug War; from Herald Today (FL), 2/8/06

Drug Criminal Or Unfortunate Accident Victim? from St. Petersburg Times (FL), 2/7/06

Special Report: Hard Case; from American Spectator (US), 1/31/06

Transcript: Prisoner Of Pain - How One Man's Quest For Pain Relief Landed Him In Jail; from CBS 60 Minutes (US), 1/29/06

Column: Just Doing His Job; from New York Times (NY), 1/31/05

Ex-Hammonton Man Takes Drug Arrest Story To '60 Minutes'; from Press Of Atlantic City (NJ), 1/31/06

Sick: A Florida Paraplegic Needs Relief: from National Review (US), 10/24/05

Prisoner Of Pain Becomes Martyr Of Drug War; from Charlotte Observer (NC), 10/20/05

Richard Paey & November Coalition in The New York Times: Op-Ed: Punishing Pain, by John Tierney, July 19, 2005

Mandatory Madness; from The Weekly Planet (FL), 6/18/04

Learn More about the War on Pain Patients at Pain Relief Network

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All original artwork © 2004-2005 Richard Paey

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You may also download a full-color PDF document with all of Richard's cartoons shown here.

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