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Clarence Mezo

I was given a sentence of 5 years and 10 months for conspiracy and possession of 13 grams of methamphetamine. At my sentencing the government went back to January 1, 1977 to build a criminal history against me. At that time I had been driving on a suspended license and had violated parole by driving again.

In that meantime of many years I had worked and owned a trucking company for 19 years, was busy raising my son, Jessie and daughter Ashley and two stepchildren as well as a niece.

The crime for which I am now imprisoned took place after two Government informants came to my home - one wearing a wire. I had never met the man wearing a wire - the other I knew. They came by my home in the early morning and immediately after they left, U.S. Marshals, FBI., DEA and County detectives came through my door.

They found no drugs in my home. The informants had said the meth was left on my coffee table and they found drugs in my yard.

These same informants went on to set up more people - whose actions were used to add "relevant" conduct to my case. I was given the choice to plead guilty within 14 days to a count 1 - or face 5 counts and do 10 years.

This picture was taken with my wife, there will be no more pictures of her and I, for she has divorced me and gone on with her life. My children are back with their mother, and I'm 17 months down - 43 left to go.

You could be next and not even know it . . . until it is too late. Remember, you do not have to even have knowledge of a crime - someone can simply say you were involved.

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