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William A. McKinley


William with his family

14 years - Marijuana Conspiracy

Dear Razor Wire.
Thank you for your paper. it certainly gives an array of hope. I am presently incarcerated serving 14 years for conspiracy to possess w/intent to deliver 286 pounds of marijuana. Without any physical evidence! I have 3 daughters and my wife they are devastated. Their ages are 13, 12, 10.

I'm fighting hard to win my direct appeal. In short I was arrested for conspiracy and tried on hearsay for 286 pounds. I was tried in late 1998 for alleged charges back in 1994. I lost my job as a journey millwright ($100,000 plus) per year and we lost our house. My wife and children have moved in with my 63-year-old mom and all trying to cope. They have been here to see me twice (it takes 10 hours to drive and costs about $35) to stay the weekend. I won't be able to see them tell next spring. Yes I'm crying out to you!!! I truly miss my job, family, and just being there for them, for it is my children and wife I live for. Could you please send them your paper?

I will send you a book of stamps next month. enclosed is a picture of them and some thought called the (TRUTH) I wrote this, can you publish it for your readers? I look forward to your next paper.

Thank you so much
William A. McKinley


The truth is the truth or isn't it? In Americas courts all across the land we administer the oath to tell the truth. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?" Even though I believe in God what if the actual witness does not? In today's courts the truth is commonly disregarded and mostly referred to as the "plea bargain". The plea bargain simply put is the worst assault on the truth in our judicial system today. We simply have allowed our courts to bypass the truth ad discard case after case based on the dreaded plea bargain. In our federal courts this is especially practiced and most abused. Federal defendants simply do not have $30,000 to $100,000 (on average) to defend against such a formidable opponent as the Federal Government. Henceforth the federal government brags as well as claims its conviction rate to be an alarming 97%.

Americans are being incarcerated at an alarming rate as the truth is sidelined. Our system of justice in federal as well as state courts was once the pillar of justice and a free society based on the proper representation and search for the truth.

Also the thought of someone having a 97% conviction rate points to some misconduct on behalf of the person who makes such a claim. However as a federal prisoner convicted on conspiracy of marijuana (14 years, 286 Ibs., no physical evidence) I see clearly now how the truth was nothing but an item used for deception in order to make an appearance on the reflection of justice. Hearsay evidence and rewards for assistance to witnesses have taken over the truth and substituted the truth with "hearsay," suddenly our system has become perverted with the current rules on hearsay, as well as mandatory minimums passed some 12 years prior. However the assault on the truth has taken may casualties.

Mostly the toll has been taken on the family and especially the children. My beautiful daughters are overwhelmed and shaken cause dad is gone for the next decade based solely on hearsay and a blatant disregard for the truth. Truly the next generation will not trust or believe in our government. It is with strong heart that I dedicate these thoughts to my wife Gail, daughters; Jessica, Kristina, and Ashley McKinley.
"Daddy is fighting hard for you as well as all the family's who have fell victims to the 'truth''

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