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Julian Loredo III


6 Years, Marijuana Conspiracy

I also am a prisoner of the drug war. I am a first-time, nonviolent drug offender. I was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

I was set up by a Federal Confidential Informant. The marijuana was placed in the trunk of my car. An automatic kill-switch device was installed in my car and then returned to me at a local restaurant. As I was leaving, my car was disabled and I was arrested for possession. I still wonder if this was legal to do to me.

I had a court-appointed lawyer. I did not see my pre-sentencing report before sentencing. I was so confused and frightened that I did not see all the false statements that were enclosed in the PSI.

Subsequently, I accepted the plea bargain the DA and my lawyer offered me for 70 months. I still have no idea what happened. The whole thing has destroyed my family. My heart goes out to every prisoner of the drug war in America and to their loved ones.

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