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Byron Hooper


Life in Prison, Drug Conspiracy

I was arrested in 1989 and sentenced to life for possession - even though I wasn't arrested with any drugs. A family in Arkansas was arrested with drugs and threatened to send one of the young women in the family to prison and take her children from her. But a deal was made to drop the charges on everyone who would testify saying that I supplied the drugs. I was found guilty in 14 minutes in a trial that lasted two days. I was labeled as a "King Pin."

I am not a first-time offender. I'd had a burglary conviction and a drug possession conviction in my past. Two of the people that testified against me have served time with me and told me that they would tell the court they were coerced into saying what they did. I don't have money for a lawyer though.

I won't deny having involvement, but I was just a small time dealer trying to feed my family. I didn't own any property or even cars - but the prosecutor convinced the jury that I was the leader.

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