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Fred Galiatsatos


Fred with daughter Sarah

Born in Bucharest, Romania. Former refugee from Communist Totalitarianism Now doing two 20-year sentences for a contrived "conspiracy" in the "Land of the Free"

"The reasons for my father's decision for a hasty escape into the unknown was multi-faceted. Two years prior, perhaps three, he was arrested for having a pound of butter in his delicatessen store which was intended for me, but was kept at the store because we had no refrigerators (at home) then. Someone that envied my father snitched him out as trafficking in "contraband" - butter was outlawed outside government rations He was convicted and sentenced to a year and bought his way out in six months Then followed a change in currency - devaluation, confiscation of all private property, etc. We were reduced to a one-and-a-half room with outside toilet (if that) wasn't enough to get him going, his mind was made up when he learned that all young children, 7 years and older, would be taken from their families and boarded in Communist schools."

"Please hear our cry with the urgency it speaks to your soul, your heart if you will. Most of us have exhausted every means through a system that is not responding and insists to keep us warehoused as the living dead."


Middleman's sentence far longer than ringleader's - Miami Herald 15 MAY 93

Fred Galiatsatos, a second-stringer in the Super Bowl of Drug Smuggling, wouldn't huddle with the Feds when they caught up with him. On Friday, his silence sacked him for 40 years. In a vivid illustration of how it pays to talk, the 54 year-old Galiatsatos was sentenced to a pair of 20-year prison terms for being a middleman in a slick cartel that secreted pot and cocaine in fast boats to Florida.

That's 10 times longer than ringleader Tirso J. "Tito" Domginguez was locked up, and five times the prison term of pilot John F. "Jack" Brackett.

Brackett even got a perk for cooperating: The government helped get his pilot's license back, even though it had been yanked to ensure "safety in air commerce."

Why the special treatment? The organizer and the pilot cooperated with federal agents. Galiatsatos didn't.


Miami Herald - TUE. APR 26 1988

Agents called it "Operation Excalibur." a multi-million dollar drug-smuggling ring set behind the facade of Royal Motorcars, an exotic-car dealership in Fort Lauderdale.

When a 13-count federal indictment was unsealed Monday, the Excaliburs had been seized and 13 people--including Royal's owner--were named as members of a drug ring that brought more than five tons of marijuana and nearly six tons of cocaine into South Florida.

The leader was Tirso "Tito" Dominguez, the indictment said. He owned the dealership and personally oversaw the planning, financing and negotiating the cocaine and marijuana deals.

Tito Dominguez drove fast cars, spoke five languages and made millions in the drug world. Deemed a danger to society he faced life in prison and then some. Federal prosecutors helped him walk free after four years.

Jack Brackett was a cocaine pilot addicted to his cargo. Locked up, he lost his license to fly. Federal prosecutors helped get it back.

Tiso "Tito" Dominguez and John "Jack" Brackett, once partners in a slick cartel that secreted coke and pot in fast boats to Florida, won their freedom and perks the new fashioned way: THEY SNITCHED & SET-UP FALL-GUYS!


In Fred's Own Words:

(Excerpts from various letters)

"In short, I was found guilty of two conspiracy counts, for each I received a 20 year sentence on each count to run consecutive! That's all in all 40 years another, if you will--a LIFE sentence. My appeal affirmed the conviction and sentence and I have no lawyer or any idea where to turn to vindicate my conviction and clear my name. I would not bore you and waste your time by telling you that I am innocent if, in fact, I am not, (as) it was a long 5 year wait to have my trial in court. In fact, I had two trials and, during that time I had several offers to plead guilty to any count out of the six I had and receive a "one-to-five" deal with the implied threat that if I went to trial, I would get 30 years. I am not insane to refuse an offer like that if I was indeed guilty of anything. All I had was my court-appointed attorney and my innocence, and that's how I lost my freedom

"Brackett came to me for flying lessons to upgrade from a private pilot to a commercial pilot plus instrument and multi engine rating...For two months or more I gave him instructions on the ground and in the air. He paid the gas only and my time but he was broke and I knew I was his only hope for employment and honestly don't remember much more than $300 all total out of thus. On my charters I took him along if available for hands-on experience and our relationship never exceeded that of an instructor and student. Dominguez and I met in St. Petersburg on a charter in which I flew the parts that he had ordered from Ft. Lauderdale Service Center, which hired me and the plane.

I never have any pattern of drug usage throughout my flying career. I did not have any associates who 'freely gave' one drugs for services rendered on my part. If I suspected drug activities on some of my customers I watched them and informed them that I will not stand for it, be it money, be it drugs. I did not allow any such on board the plane with me under any circumstances. That was a well-known reputation I had around the airport and people in general.

My suspicions (not my knowledge) was surpassed by what came out in court later but I can't fight back a feeling of an over exaggeration on their smuggling activities. When Brackettsx and Dominguez split I had no idea of the details. In court it came out as amicable but I don't believe it for a moment, knowing them both particularly Brackett. One thing is for sure that Brackett got severely addicted to his own cargo and that manifested in his lesser qualities."


Letter postmarked 5 DEC 96 from V. Galiatsatos (Fred's Mother) to W. P. Perry

Translated by Fred Galiatsatos - Transcribed by W. P. Perry

Estimable Sir Perry:

First of all, I want to thank you very much for all that you have done in order to help my son, Fred.

I have been a widow for 9 years, I am 80 years old and have two children (Fred and Jimmy), 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren and since we came here to America I have often thanked God, for he helped us and we escaped Communism. We, all of us, love America, for it is "our country" and we have become U.S. Citizens, but now, and almost 4 years ago, my son Fred was judged without defense, being innocent and he was locked up for 40 years. From what Fred has told me that someone was locked up and in order to come out, he said many lies about Fred. Is such a thing is possible in America? Ever since then, I have been sick from suffering because I cannot understand why? And he does not have relief ever from the appeal! Fred has family, 4 children, plus one grandchild. Fred is not a thief and did not scam anyone and has never been a criminal. He respected all people and helped all those that have asked for help.

At the moment I have lost faith in the (Judicial) system here in America there is not justice anymore? They only hide tyranny and oppression. This is the earth which at one time was our Savior, but now we are seeing it as a second Holocaust at the moment because it's destroying our (mine) son's life!

We are praying that all these things would be changed for the better some day. Nevertheless, we remain thankful very much for your being close (stand by) Fred in these critical moments when all other "friends" of Fred's turned their backs.

May God bless you both and keep you in His grace.

Sincerely yours,

Veronica Galiatsatos

PS: If you please, excuse me that I'm writing in my language, Romanian, because I have had no school in English. I speak 4 languages, Romanian, Russian, Greek, and English but I do not know how to write English. (in person)

Fred's elderly widowed mother who now wishes that their long journey and quest for freedom from evil, communism and oppression had NOT brought them to The United States and considers it her SECOND HOLOCAUST!

Fred Galiatsatos 27185-004
FCI Coleman
PO Box 879
Coleman, FL 33521-0879

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