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Lloyd A. Dominguez, Jr.


Lloyd with his niece and sister

23 Years - Crack Conspiracy

I was entrapped by an informant who later testified for the government. Without my asking, he brought over to my house an amount of cocaine hydrochloride, which was retrieved from my house on 1/30/96, at about 9:30 AM that morning. Within a half hour after the informant left the FBI came to arrest me.

At the trial, the government's witness, a chemist from Texas stated the package weighed 20.1 grams of Cocaine Hydrochloride. Paraphernalia was also confiscated which consisted of a couple of small beakers, syringes, Pyrex pipe, and a triple beam scale.

The FBI told me I would be facing a 10 years to life sentence if I didn't manufacture cocaine hydrochloride into crack cocaine for them: they told me the guys I previously purchased powder cocaine from were going to testify at trial that I previously manufactured and sold crack cocaine for them. I only used narcotics and only purchased drugs from the witnesses for my own use, but they used lies to corroborate the evidence which was confiscated from my home. There was no other evidence that I was involved with any type of trafficking. I am not connected to these people other than I purchased drugs from them: just as I did when the informant came over and sold me the package that January day.

Lloyd and his family

My Direct, Certiorarri Appeals and 2255 Motion has been denied. I do meet the requirements of the Apprendi ruling. I filed the exact same issues on my Direct and Certiorarri Appeals, in 1997 and 1998. The 2255 was denied and so was the Certificate of Appealability, which I learned is left up to the judge to grant.

Next, I think I'm going to file a successive 2255 motion on the Apprendi ruling and pray, hope and wait for the court to grant the motion.

The truth is, I had no gun, no money, no assets to contribute to this money making 'enterprise" which didn't exist. The people who testified against me are younger than myself, and where were their assets? They lived with their mother and family. Not one of them had an apartment or automobile. There was no money! Where is the big enterprise that would substantiate my being in possession of 30-60 kilograms of crack, or responsible for this amount of cocaine? This is all lies!

Updated 2/2/04

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