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Tomas Consuegra

I am a 37-year-old Cuban National, serving an 188- month sentence (15 1/2+ years) in federal prison for attempting to purchase one kilogram of cocaine from undercover agents. I think that what the government did in this reverse sting operation was wrong.

An informant contacted my co-defendant and offered to sell cocaine to him but the offer was refused. The CI (confidential informant) called again with a lower price that was again rejected. This CI kept calling and lowering the price and finally the "deal" was made.

My co-defendant and I were arrested as the transaction was attempted. I had no defense and this was my third offense. My sentence was enhanced under the career offender provision in the Sentencing Guidelines.

I believe that the way in which the government has waged war on the people of the United States is wrong. Why do they trap people - tempt people to commit crime? I am to serve more time, in fact, almost double that of most bank robbers, and certainly far more time than rapists receive. What did I do? I bought drugs from the government! Where will they stop? How can they justify creating the circumstances for a crime and then putting a person in prison for more than 15 years?

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