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Bottoms Up: Guide to Grassroots Activism

Prisons and Poisons

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The Razor Wire
Bring Back Federal Parole!
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Human Rights Resources

After Prison: Roadblocks To Reentry - A Report On State Legal Barriers Facing People With Criminal Records; from the Legal Action Resource Center

The Stolen Lives Project: Killed By Law Enforcement: Provides important and compelling exposures of the nationwide epidemic of police brutality and outright murder.

Mothers against Arpaio is a group formed by mothers and women whose loved ones have been abused or neglected by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the infamous "Toughest Sheriff in America" of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Addict in the Family - by Dr. Andrew Byrne

Amnesty International

Amnesty International USA

Campaign For Youth Justice

CATS: Californians to Amend the Three Strikes Law -- CATS (LAW) is a nonprofit organization established to rally Californians with vital information, and expose the issues surrounding California's "Three Strikes" Law.

Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE)

European Human Rights Centre (EHRC)

Federal CURE (FedCURE)

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights and the Drug War (HR95)

National Public Service Council To Abolish Private Prisons -- Incarcerating people for profit is WRONG!

Pain Relief Network (PRN)

Unnacceptable Losses

IF YOU KNOW OF A FEDERAL INMATE SUFFERING MEDICAL NEGELECT: Federal CURE (FedCURE) has BOP executive staff designated as liaisons to handle inmate medical issues. You can contact them at: or go to: for more information.

Understanding Prison Health Care: Fostering competence and compassion in treating prisoners

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