Petition for Relief from
Drug War Injustice

We, the undersigned, support November Coalition's demand for relief from the injustice of the drug war. For over thirty years this unjust war has waged relentlessly, but today an overwhelming number of citizens believe the war on drugs has failed. Despite growing, nationwide dissent, the federal prison system continues to overly confine nonviolent drug law violators above all other category of prisoners, men and women with no hope of early release until they have served at least 85 percent of their sentence. There is no parole in the federal prison system.

Experimental Guideline Sentencing has proven expensive, ineffective and unjust. We, the undersigned, believe it is immoral to over-punish; illogical to waste tax dollars on imprisonment, a proven failure in addressing the social problems of use, abuse and addiction of illegal drugs. We insist it is dangerous for government to systematically promote mistrust in our communities by using informants and betrayal to secure convictions. We believe that trust is a necessary component in the delicate weave of our social life.

As state leaders across the country address this injustice by moving to reduce drug sentences, release drug war and other nonviolent prisoners, we support federal leaders acting in the same manner. Of them we demand significant increase of "good time" eligibility that would reduce prison overcrowding, the construction of costly new facilities, and serve the twin goals of providing an incentive for exemplary behavior in prison, while deterring violence and illegal drug activity.

We, the undersigned, support dramatic increases in early-release, "good-time" eligibility for drug and other nonviolent prisoners in federal custody --believing in a better, safer world -- not one that is simply less free.

Download a pdf petition here! or Peticion En Espanol

If you cannot print out a petition, call us at (509) 684-1550 and we will mail you one, or email your mailing address to:, in the subject line write: Petition Please

Other things that you can do:

  • Ask others to help gather signatures of support for significant increase in "good time" eligibility.
  • Attend community events and set up a table where you can lay out Relief Petitions, or put copies on a clipboard and walk around getting signatures.
  • Call your local public radio and offer to do an interview. Share a summary of the Relief Petition's request with listeners, ask them to visit and sign on as a supporter of early release.
  • Call a community meeting and explain to those who attend what the Petition for Relief from Drug War Injustice is, and how they can help. Meeting tips can be found at or write and request a copy of you do not have internet access.

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