Supreme Court:
Blarek v. United States, No. 98-139

On June 1st the Court left intact the lengthy prison sentences of Antony Blarek II and Frasnk Pellecchia, two interior decorators convicted of conspiring to launder money for a Colombian drug kingpin. Blarek was a Miami-based designer when, in 1979, he met Jose Santacruz in Cali, Colombia and was hired to decorate Santacruz's new mansion.

Defense Attorney Alan Dershowitz argued, "If Blarek's and Pellecchia's activities constituted money-laundering, then money-laundering has been redefined to include all market transactions between those who lead criminal enterprises and those who provide lawful services to them. If that is so, thousands of doctors, dentists, merchants, and other business people are in serious jeopardy."