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Care and Healing of Club Fed Graduates

Submitted from the women's prison camp at Dublin, California

Perhaps soon, your loved one will be released into society and your care. Those who were sentenced to 10 year mandatory minimums in the mid to late1980's are now being released.

Happily once again you will have your loved one home. In order to understand and help her to adjust we are providing you with information that will help to provide some insight in the care and nurturing of "Club Fed Graduates".

1) Try to avoid large crowds and long lines in particular- she will get into any line and stand complacently for hours.

2) Do not allow her to go shopping without a list; arrange for your local store to assign her a number and to have her wait out side until her order is filled.

3) Occasionally walk through the house shaking a bunch of keys.

4) Turn off all lights at 12:00 am.

5) Periodically through the night, rip her covers off and shine a flashlight in her face.

6) At the dinner table, try to ingore it if she starts filling up a baggy with sugar or wraps food up in a napkin and puts it in her pocket. This could be embarrassing in s public place. It is suggested that you refrain from eating out until this urge subsides.

7) After work she may run into the house and place her shirt or jacket over a chair in front of the TV. It will take her awhile to realize that she doesn't have to save a seat in her own home.

8) Before she comes home, warn friends and family that when she uses the phone, she will place one finger in her ear and glare at you if you interrupt her while she's talking.

9) At 4:00 pm she will drop what she is doing and rush to the bedroom. Just yell, "Count clear!" and she will snap out of it. (Please note: this may occur at other intervals during the day)

10) She will have a fondness for credit cards instead of money. She may not even touch money if you give it to her.

11) She will prefer to store all her belongings including clothes, food, and toiletries in one drawer.

12) Your loved one might be perplexed when opening mail. You need to open the envelope, cut the letter in half, insert back into the envelope and staple through all parts.

These are but a few of the little quirks that your loved one may have acquired while being a guest at "Club Fed", but with tender loving care, hope and compassion you might once again have the person that you once knew and loved, back again.

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