We Want You Home - What One Dollar Can Do

By Nora Callahan, Director, November Coalition


If every prisoner who read our newspaper were to send one dollar a month­­we would have an operating budget. What could we do with enough money to operate efficiently?

We could provide "vigil kits" to vigil leaders­­right now we have over a dozen people that have offered to lead one, but we don't have the money we need to send out the material it would require. The kit would contain a banner, leaflets, extra copies of our newspaper, a petition and press packs.

We could hire a clerk to update our mailing list and tend to filing. If we weren't doing that task we could be lining up radio shows, writing for mainstream media publications, and visiting more colleges (to name just a few items on our wish list). Just think of all that one dollar could do . . . just think! We are a coalition and if we began working together more cohesively this war could be over a hellavalot sooner. Let the response count our numbers. I wouldn't mind changing jobs­­this was never intended to be a career. My brother's imprisonment brought me into it­­but it isn't about just one person, it's about you. It's about all of us. It does need to stop, and who better than us? What have we got to lose? A buck?

We could send a sample of our newspaper and an invitation for record store owners to carry them­­and that is what the 75¢ on the header page is all about. Perhaps there are book store owners, and hemp stores that have customers that would like to read an issue. Better yet, if we were getting our paper into the hands of people all over the country­­our membership would certainly get a boost. Just think what one dollar could do . . .just think.

So, what do you say? Send a dollar today!

We'll spend it wisely.

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