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A Time To Forgive

By Jim Nosrati, Founder F.O.A. and POW

Christmas to me, as to many others, is a time for giving, and what can I give to those who are suffering in prison, trying to justify their long sentences? What can I give to the children who call out to their parent who is locked away, that will place a smile on their faces where the frown is? To me, Christmas is a good time to figure out what it is that you can do for others, not in the way of material items, but in the way to unite families that are separated, to bring freedom to those who have lost the joys of Christmas, and the will to live. We celebrate Christmas because this was the day Christ was born. Whether it was on this exact day that it occurred is not the issue, but we celebrate the fact that a great man was born, a man who taught us to forgive and to give a chance to those who have strayed, a man who wanted unity for all, and peace among men. Do we have forgiveness in our society? How about chances for those who have erred? Are we slow to judge as Christ promoted? Do we have peace among ourselves? Are we quick to serve, or quick to convict?

We are not celebrating this special occasion for the reason that we have served Christ well, and that we have chosen to follow His ways. Even our government has neglected this; it shows in their quickness to judge and find guilty those who are not; it has consistently found ways to separate families and encourage abortions; it hides behind its own sins as if they are invincible, and that no one knows the truth behind their schemes and belligerence.

No, there is nothing that I can give anyone in prison which will end their suffering or bring them closer to their loved ones, but if Christmas is truly a time of forgiveness to those on the outside who attend and preach in churches, and if it is forgiveness to those who have been for so long now volunteering in causes such as Prison Fellowship, Promisekeepers, and the hundreds of other great causes, then it is forgiveness that we need them to take to Washington. This is a time to give, and what better gift to give than words to end this War on Drugs, and to bring an end to the separation of families, and the destruction of our society.

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