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The Price of Betrayal

By Curt Schorell

Standard TalkShow MediaSpew regurgitated an interesting fact which went virtually unnoticed last week, the pedestrian fate of personal subjects in 'the Land of the Huh?' A gentleman by the name of Rogers had the bad luck of being born the brother of serial killer, Glen Edward Rogers. The former was a guest on a daytime TV ShameFest. One of the interchangeable hostDogs asked Mr. Rogers how his brother managed to do only eleven months behind bars with ten violent felonies to his credit, including a conviction following an attack on his own mother with a baseball bat.

Mr.Rogers said of his brother that Glen was sick, a cruel and violent psychopath, a well-known fact in their hometown and to local law enforcement , and should have remained incarcerated from his initial ultra-violent criminal acts. But according to Mr. Rogers, Glen Edward managed to remain a free man, preying on our daughters and sisters through the cooperation of his fellow freaks in Narko division. It seems that his services as an undercover informant for the local StormTroopers were simply indispensable... messy details surrounding violent psychotic attacks on women were easily overlooked in light of his vital function as a punk snitch and DrugWar hero. Glen Edward Rogers had killed his 73 year old roommate then started off on a wild cross country murder spree before his partners in Ohio Vice realized one of their favorites might be a bit impulsive.... too late, he was outta there... and everybody else's problem.

Collusion between so-called "law-enforcement" officials and the criminally insane in service of the DrugWar action/adventure series raises a hell of a lot of ethical questions... Of course, our free press or liberal media dare not raise these questions, so why bother here.... We won't worry about it either.

The situation certainly does warrant a practical overview, though... considering the ramifications of a multifaceted attack on the population by both the state and their twisted psychopathic criminal allies, (the private sector?) issued licensee to mayhem.

Why they do that?

o Releasing violent criminals aids the state in spreading fear and terror, taking some of the load off of overworked domestic paramilitary forces masquerading as law enforcement.

o Violent psychopaths and their high profile crimes counteract falling crime rates in a big way, especially since crime statistics are rarely published unless filtered through some exaggerating factor, so a handful of real sick-os are worth 5 percentage points to Police State PR.

o Eliminates the need for the State to waste resources tracking and housing violent offenders by simply recruiting them.

Other Big Brother factors come into play.

o A felonized population (that doesn't roll over) has fewer rights than citizens of North Korea, are closely monitored and frequently returned to jail when populations fall below over-crowding quotas.

o A citizenry in constant fear of felonization does not raise much hell and can be expected to lick boots on cue.

o Glen Rogers was already a felon 10 times over. If the role of so-called "law enforcement" agencies is to felonize the largest possible segment of the civilian population, their interest in Rogers is marginal.

o Removing violent repeat offenders from the prison system (or County I would assume in this case) frees up cell space for 'fresh meat'. If freed psychopaths can then be utilized in the State's felonization campaigns, the efficiency of the system, and relentlessness of the attack reaches peak performance.

Baaa Baaaah White Sheep.

Let's pretend for a moment that we've learned something from recent historical events.... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... that's a good one! Well..... just for the sake of argument, OK?

Whenever the slobbering, inbred US-elite put on their little army helmets, start waving their arms around in superlative fashion, sashaying macho in public like a bunch of Nazi leather boys, or dancing the jingo in drag on a J. Edgar Saturday Night , calling in favors from the hired help to declare another WAR on who or whatever, you can bet on one thing for sure... the object is not to win... just to keep the WAR going as long as possible.

The real big shot importers, who are not directly in the employ of the government itself, are safe from prosecution if they play by the rules. Taking them out might threaten the longevity of the conflict. It's all about hired hands, dogs, feeding time, and a no-biting policy. And it doesn't matter from which end the fish rots, these agencies are created to protect the interests of Global PinkBoys no matter which hand they happen to be playing at the time.

But until then, keep sawin' off that 12gauge till it fits in your old lady's purse and make sure your daughter can handle a semi-automatic before puberty, 'cuz the way the war game is playing out these days, they're all alone on the street, and the cages are being opened for the price of betrayal.

Curt Schorell is a free world citizen because of luck, when there is no justice, there is only luck. He quit while he was behind and never acted on feelings of revenge. He is a husband and father of two children, looking for work in Houston, and volunteers at KPFT 90.1 Pacifica Radio where he is the cynic in residence at UStheFOLKs, with Otis Hardy Maclay, which can be heard 8PM Tuesday evenings.

This story is almost two years old now. He wrote us saying, "It absolutely floored me when I heard Glen Roger's brother tell the public why his brother was free to kill. The audience didn't even flinch, the host didn't halt for a clarification and no other media RatchedHeads picked up on it later. When some guy gets on national television and drops a bomb like that one, and nobody bats an eye . . . no one is consumed with outrage, except me (relatively speaking), just another sound bite . . . who then is the cynic?"

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