Join Family Members and Friends of People Incarcerated, along with:

Patrick Crusade
Bars None Organization
Humane Treatment 4 Human Beings
November Coalition
Miracles Of Hope Network
Kevin Curtis, Music/Songwriter
Making The Walls Transparent
FACTS (Families to Amend
California's Three Strikes)

Family Members of People Incarcerated
Efficacy Online
The Drug Policy Alliance
Prison Art Project
Southern Center For Human Rights
Innocent in Prison Project International
Inmate Activists
NY City AIDS Housing Network The Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet)
The Prisons Foundation
WONPR (Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform)
All Of Us Or None
PeterLove, Singer/Songwriter
CAN-DO:Justice Through Clemency
US Marijuana Party
South Carolinians for Drug Law Reform
St. Mark Union Church
New Vision Organization, Inc.
FILO, Inc. (Families of
Incarcerated Loved Ones)
California Prison Focus
The Harambee Radio Network
The Open Society Institute
Alliance for Inmates with AIDS
The Advocate 4 Justice, LLC
Prison Action Network
Fight For Lifers Inc.
LEAP (Law Enforcement
Against Prohibition)
Families and Communities United
School of the Americas Watch (SOA)
Critical Resistance: Baltimore, MD
Critical Resistance: Washington, DC
Critical Resistance: Atlanta, GA
Southern Poverty Law Center
Project HOPE To
Abolish The Death Penalty

The Refuge of St. Petersburg, Florida
Unblock The Vote
Time For Change Foundation
NYC Jericho Amnesty Movement
ACLU Capital Punishment Project
SSDP (Students For
Sensible Drug Policy)
Senate Select Community Committee on Calfornia's Correctional System
Urban Leadership Institute
FOXO (Fraternal Order
of X-Offenders)
Right To Vote: Campaign To
End Felony Disenfranchisement

Annie Armen Live Talk Radio
Books Not Bars
Youth Justice Coalition
FPPP (Federal Prison Policy Project)
TOPS (The Ordinary Peoples Society)
Silva Rivera Law Project
Ohio Family LINKS
Conjoin, Inc.
Harm Reduction Coalition
Kids In Court
Imprisoned Children
World Advocates For Children
Breaking The Chains
Justice Works!
The Real Cost of Prisons Project
American Humanist Association
Black Women's Defense League
Voice of the Ex-Offender (VOTE)
Kansas City Social Justice
Better Opportunities For
Our People (Alabama)
Concerned Citizens, Alabama
1st Responders Service
Prison Service Project
P.S. - Parole Support, FL

And many others. Please register so that you can be listed as well. Thank you. See you in Washington!