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Thank You, November Coalition

By Greg Peck, son of a drug war prisoner

My name is Greg Peck (just like my pop) and I am 13, soon to be fourteen years old September 4th. My papa was taken away from us when I was 10. We always did fun stuff when we were together. I miss being able to talk with him when I want to or need to. I know my pop would be doing all he could to help us if he were at hoe with his family because he loved us so very much and would never hurt us in any way and we all loved him the same. And I know he never hurt any body, so there is no reason to be doing this to our family and hurting us as much as they can just because they can and will.

I am wondering if you can help me to learn what I can do to help bring my papa and others home. He sends us his Razor Wire paper but it doesn't really help me know what I can do. I know you are doing a good job working to help because my pop mentions you often in his letters and on the phone. Can you help me and my family release my pop and free him from his emprisonment so please help.

Thank you sincerely,
Greg Peck

Thank you, November Coalition

By Greg Peck, father and drug war prisoner

Words alone can not adequately communicate the love and appreciation I feel. I have been struggling since my abduction to compel family and friends to join the cause and help change these hideous drug war policies that so callously and viciously destroy lives, hopes, and fundamental trust. I began with my parents, brother and sister, and friends because my children were still too young in the beginning. But bewilderment and apathy are the conditioned responses that seem to prevail among most Americans. They don't know where to begin or where to plug in. The first question asked by most is, "well, what can I do about it?" But that is a dismissal, not an offer to enlist.

In the book Allen Verbatim, activist/poet Ginsberg described the feeling of frustration I experienced trying to influence older people:

"It's like the catastrophes have occurred and rapes have occurred over and over again and now everybody's so inured to rape and catastrophe it's like a fatigue; nobody can take it anymore, nobody cares. Intellectually people care but it seems like America is so sunk in scandal and debauchery and corruption and disillusionment it's like a great wave of horror that nobody can fight against . . ."

I believe Allen explains the situation adequately but incompletely. Thus, I was very impressed with your message of struggle and possibility in the last Razor Wire, and also with the challenging words of Reverend Edwin Clifton Sanders II. I have learned that patience is necessary as a result of the belligerence of my abductors, but the urgency I continue to feel and hear in the voices of our children catalyzes my persistence.

My children, like all children, are amazing and wonderful people. Both Greg's and Jesse's letters plunge into my heart and cause feelings of indescribable love and admiration.

My wife's name is Ellen, and all our children live with her and but we communicate often by phone and remain devoted equally and eternally to the children. All of us were so excited to see Jesse's letter in print and to receive your letters. The work you perform and the level of success accomplished elevates all of us. Hearing from you personally is the closest we have come to recognition of the plight that thousands of other parents share

The boys are "pumped up", and the energy they now have needs helpful guidance so they continue to feel their efforts are valued and effective. Greg understands better than Jesse the issues involved. He has already experienced the effects of social labeling and government attack. He is really a good boy - full of energy and a willing hard worker. Jesse is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and is full of an innocent and honest glow. I also have two beautiful daughters, Michelle and Christina, who are now prompted by Greg's and Jesse's effort. They all need a little guidance.

I believe that learning the skills for social activism is something that will benefit them for life and create a more valuable citizen and responsible person. I have two older sons too. Jacob is the oldest (24), and Nick, is the second. Nick is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville.

I've been encouraging Nick to become involved with Students for A Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), and now I think he is ready. He told me he read an article about SSDP in Rolling Stone magazine. He also reported that police recently attacked two of his friends at school accused of growing marijuana.

The boys enthusiastically say they want to meet you and begin doing what they can do. It's hard for me to conclude what that might be, but their young voices are important and should/must be heard. They are the people that the political demagogues ostensibly claim to be protecting. Greg's letter was cogent and insightful. I'm positive that there are many more children's voices out there. Let's find a way to empower them and not permit the oppressors to teach them how to grow up as helpless, powerless victims. That is the evil result of a bully's actions.

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