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Misty Robison, daughter of a Drug War Prisoner

May 11, 2001

Hello, my name is Misty. I'm the youngest of three girls, daughters of an inmate by the name of Lyle Robison.

I cannot express the anger I feel toward the so called "Justice System" we have these days. It sickens me to think that there are rapists, child molesters, and murders that get lighter sentences than inmates who may have done a lesser crime, drugs.

My father is 46 years old and has been convicted of conspiracy of manufacturing methamphetamine. He received 15 years in prison and after that he will be on probation for 4 years.

I went to his trial and could not believe that they could convict someone on "hearsay"! I was extremely surprised because there was no physical evidence and the court took the word of a bunch of low life losers, who wanted lesser sentencing for themselves.

I was reading the "Razor Wire" and it finally came to me, I finally understood why exactly my father got the time he did. My father refused to be a snitch, so that he could assure his families safety and the safety of himself. That is why his sentence of 5 years went to 15 years; the DA got the other people to testify against my father, so all of them got a lesser sentence - from no time to 5 years.

My father is now in a Federal Prison trying to get an appeal. His mother, three daughters, and three grandchildren are doing what we can to help. It is very hard being 21 with a two year old daughter, wondering if her Grandfather is will have to watch her grow up through pictures, simply because of our government and the harsh sentencing!

I hope other people in my position will start doing more to help fight against the war on drugs. I also hope people who agree with the harsh sentencing would get more education on this situation so that they would realize that this is not JUSTICE!

My father always says "Things happen for a reason", and maybe they do, but that doesn't make it the right reason!

Misty Robinson, Billings, MT

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