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A Letter to Mom; by Brooke Roth

November 26, 2001

Hey Mom,

I am going to try to write you every night starting last night (he he), just to say hi and I love you so much and no one could ever take your place. I feel that you should get told that every once in awhile.

That is what this letter is about, is how much I appreciate you!! It might be long but hey here I go, I am going to start now!

Mom I love you so much I can not tell you enough. Yes you have made a BIG mistake, BUT HEY you got to deal with the consequences and maybe that needed to happen for you to realize what the heck you were doing and getting yourself into, because you wouldn't listen to anybody and yeah I was a little too young to know "everything". Like what was going on, what you were doing, and why you were doing it.

Mom, I don't care, yeah at first I did care about your mistake and I know I make plenty of them to, but I want people to forgive me, so I forgave you! You needed to see what was going on in the world and what was going on around you!

Mom, you are a great mom! You made sure that I had everything, that I did my homework and I always got something good to eat! Steak and mushrooms were your favorite, right? Every time I eat those two things I always think about you! I pray to God every night that you can come home soon! Mom, maybe He is working on that, you never know until something happens.

Mom I love you so much! I am so proud of you that you quit smoking too! When you told me that I wanted to cry, cause I was so proud of you. Mom, I knew that you could do it! You just got to believe and you can succeed.

I hope this is all making sense to you, and if no one is going to tell you how much they appreciate you, I am going to be the first one. I hope this letter tingles you in the heart.

I love you, mom, and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the pretty little girl that I am now. And I thank you! So much! Mom, even though you are not here with me, I still talk to you and ask you for your advice, like how am I going to re-arrange my room. If I'm home alone I just sit there and talk to you like you are actually there. The funny thing is that we always seem to agree on things! I am laughing out loud about that!

Sorry if this letter is making you shed a tear. I am too, just sitting here. Mom this is a letter about how much I love you, appreciate you and miss you.

Love, your Daughter, Brooke Roth, 15 years old, Illinois

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