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A Message from Nora Callahan, Executive Director

My brother, Gary Callahan, had been imprisoned for about seven years when he asked me to organize prisoners with their loved ones to oppose the drug war. That was 1997, and by that time I'd learned that a five-year prison sentence was considered crushing in any other country, and our nation was just about to take title of World's Leading Jailer. My brother had 22 such crushing years left to serve. His drug prosecution and the sentenced imposed on him - quite simply - broke my heart. If you are the loved one of a prisoner, you know firsthand this agony, the feelings of helplessness, confusion and shame.

Today I work on my brother's behalf and on behalf of more than a half million souls, in what I lament publicly as struggling to survive in our nation'sgulags. I work on behalf of those who have been released from prison to broken and dispersed families, who will forever carry the stigma of drug-felon, but I do not work alone. In unity, the November Coalition, growing from the true concerns of thousands of people, toils to protect the future of our nation's children and obtain freedom for imprisoned drug law violators nationwide.

A drug arrest in any family quickly becomes a frightening introduction to conspiracy statutes, government's liberal use of informants, guideline-sentencing laws, and the nightmare usually leaves defendant and family confused and full of despair. Long-term imprisonment has dramatic effects on personality and personal relationships. Prisoners suffer from severe restrictions on their human and constitutional rights, and all of these difficulties exact a toll on both the prisoner and those who love them.

November Coalition was founded so drug war prisoners and their loved ones could have a voice in the demand for drug policy reform. Loved ones and prisoners are leaving shadows of shame and isolation to publicly tell our stories of injustice. As well as a medium that reaches a world-wide audience with our appeal for reform and drug war prisoner release, our website can serve as a resource for you. Our projects are designed for group and individual participation so that all of our members can be involved, working together to change the laws that imprison those we love.

Please join our organization. We are dedicated to abolishing destructive prohibition laws whose enforcement does far more harm than any intended good. Our loved ones must return to their homes and families that miss them, where they are needed and where they belong.

In Struggle,

Working to end drug war injustice

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